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From refugee to SAP Business Group leader

September 02, 2022

From refugee to SAP Business Group leader
From refugee to SAP Business Group leader

It was not so long ago—1990, in fact—that I was a refugee in my own country.

I had to move from one state to another due to the conflict in Kashmir in the far north of India where I was born. I still remember the all-night road trip in a four-wheeler, with eight of us just pushed into the car! And there were so many initial struggles to even settle down—find a new home, new furniture, new school and stand at tens of registration desks to sign up for food and basic amenities.

It was a difficult time, for sure.

Despite the adversities we faced, I managed to study hard, complete my engineering degree, begin a career of my choice and live a dream. Fifteen years ago, I started a rewarding and fulfilling career at Accenture as an SAP consultant.

Today, I lead an SAP supply chain value tower in Southeast Asia for Accenture.

Disrupting the tech world

I was always an avid science student and loved travel, and I get to enjoy a mix of both in the world of technology consulting

In my role, I collaborate with the SAP Business Group, sharing content and ideas around new and disruptive technology trends. We discuss challenges and possible solutions for issues such as constraints in ocean and air freight capacity due to the pandemic, the worldwide semiconductor shortage and uncertainty in trade relations.

I’ve recently also become part of our sustainability team, working on our global efforts to protect the planet, people, prosperity and governance.

I find utmost pride in helping bring value and drive change for our clients. I get to help solve real-world problems and continue to progress in my career at Accenture.

Driven to get things done

The struggles I faced as a refugee strengthened my character. I learned to always look for opportunities and have hope, no matter how difficult the situation is—which inspires me to succeed in business, with my teams and even at home.

The typical feedback I get for my work is that I am “a driver.” No matter how difficult a project or challenge may be, my teams and leaders know that I will get things done!

The inclusive culture at Accenture has been inspiring. My gender has never mattered in relation to my work assignments. I’ve always had a strong voice and have been given every stage I deserved to represent myself and technology at Accenture.

4 keys to career success

There are four pillars that have helped me further my career ambitions and at the same time continue to add value for business: stay relevant; think beyond; add value; and never stop learning.

Accenture’s knowledge exchange and learning programs and platforms have been a critical part of every successful client sales and project delivery I have been part of. We know it’s important to not just keep up with the technologies of today, but to continue to learn to remain relevant into the future.

Drive change and do work with long-lasting impact, every day.

Find your next opportunity with Accenture.

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Neetu Raina Koul

Business & Technology Delivery Associate Director – Singapore