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The competitive etch: Addressing the talent gap

agosto 16, 2022 5-minuti di lettura

In brief


An appealing mechanism to help semiconductor companies re-envision their workforce to free up employees to focus on high-value activities.


A unique perspective on reskilling taking into account the complexities of the semiconductor industry.

Grow Pipeline

The industry cannot afford to lose in-demand engineers. Companies are learning to tailor their approach to recruiting and retaining based on where they sit in the value chain.

"We will see a wide variety of requirements coming in for talent, and we have to take steps to make sure that we don’t go from a supply shortage to talent shortage."

— Syed Alam

Deborah Garand

Managing Director – Strategy and Consulting, High Tech

Chris Hadley

Managing Director – Strategy, High Tech, North America

Stephen Hardin

Senior Manager – Accenture Strategy, High Tech

Shaden Alsheik

Manager – Accenture Strategy

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Create lasting change by building a culture of learning and continuously developing your people.