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The art of AI maturity in travel

November 8, 2022 5-Minuten Zeit


In brief

The race to embrace AI in travel is on

There is growing consensus that AI is increasingly essential for competitive advantage in Travel.

What is AI maturity?


Foundational AI capabilities—cloud platforms and tools, data platforms, architecture and governance—that are to keep pace with competitors.


Differentiation AI capabilities—AI strategy and C-suite sponsorship, combined with a culture of innovation that can set companies apart.

How to become an AI Achiever

Champion AI as a strategic priority

AI strategies need the support of the CEO and the entire executive suite.

Invest heavily in talent

The more proficient all employees are in AI-related skills, the easier it is for travel players to scale human and machine collaboration.

Industrialize AI tools/teams to create an AI core

A strong AI core is particularly important for travel companies because of how ecosystem dependent the industry is.

Design AI responsibly

As travel companies deploy AI for more tasks, adhering to laws, regulations and ethical norms is key to build a sound data and AI foundation.

Prioritize long and short term AI investments

Travel companies can support smaller AI initiatives that deliver cross-enterprise benefits without massive transformation efforts.

Practice makes progress

About the Authors

Sergiy Nevstruyev

Managing Director – Enterprise Architecture & Digital Transformation Lead

Rafael Pérez Martín

Managing Director – Data & AI


Sankar Subramaniam

Associate Manager – Global Travel Industry Research