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Ransomware response and recovery

mayo 5, 2021


In brief

Be ransomware resilient—fast

Ransomware Response and Recovery


year-on-year increase in ransomware events in 2020—with little sign of any slow-down in early 2021 Source: CIFR intrusion data


ransom demanded from one of the world’s largest manufacturers—encrypted 1,200 servers, theft of 100GB of data, deleted 20 to 30TB back-ups. Source: Bleeping Computer


The Accenture Cyber Investigations, Forensics & Response (CIFR) team observed ransom demands ranging from US$100,000 to US$50M in 2020. Source: CIFR intrusion data

Today’s top three ransomware defense challenges

Protecting against ransomware

Focus on the basics

 Keep security hygiene up to standard.

Prevent and protect

Continuously validate and test your defenses.

Know your operations

Model the threat against your operations and end-to-end value chain.

Make it personal

Collaborate and prepare so everyone knows how to work together during an event.

Prepare, prepare and prepare again

Constantly measure and improve resilience or adjust your course.

Ransomware solutions if you’ve been hit

Trace the attack

Build a comprehensive understanding of the intrusion and impact.

Collaborate and report

Ensure statutory obligations are fulfilled and collaborate with others.

Learn from the experience

Identify metrics and resources to meet the C-suite's expectations for cyber resilience.

Update risk mitigation plans

Evaluate current and residual risk and apply a risk mitigation strategy.

Strengthen defense posture

Get tactical; drive behavioral changes to strengthen cybersecurity defenses.

Is your ransomware defense strategy ready?

Mark Raeburn

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Global Cyber Investigation, Forensics & Response Lead

Jacky Fox

Lead – Security, EMEA

Ryan Leininger

Senior Manager – Accenture Security

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