Data powers the intelligent enterprise

It’s a new day for data! Illuminate intelligent outcomes with the right data—data that is visible, transparent, trusted, and accessible. See the light.

Data management for enterprises

We're harnessing the power of transformative technologies to help businesses chart a clear vision and develop a new data supply chain—all by instilling greater trust in data and exploring improved ways to manage it.

Map out your data future

Devise a holistic data and information strategy. Explore our Data Strategy and Architecture offerings.

Modernize data platforms

Architect your capture, curate, and consume journey with the right data. Explore our New Data Supply Chain offerings.

Manage & govern data holistically

Apply automation to manage & govern data, establish trust, and achieve compliance. Explore our Intelligent Data Governance & Compliance offerings.

Infuse life into data

Visualize, depict patterns and trends, and make data-driven decisions. Explore our Augmented Insights offerings.

Turn AI into action

Move beyond proof of concept. Find out how to scale the impact of AI across your business. Explore our Artificial Intelligence offerings.

Unleash automation to lead in the New

Go beyond efficiency and adapt to change. Explore our Intelligent Automation offerings.

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See data in a new light

Accenture Data in the New

Accenture Data in the New signals the transformation of data within client organizations to drive business and new opportunities. See more.

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It's a new day for data…a new opportunity for businesses that see data as a competitive advantage and not just as a commodity. Data is the fuel of the new economy and the driving force of the digital era. Accenture is helping organizations transform data—from dark to dynamic—and build trust into their data to achieve breakthrough results in this new age of intelligence. We call it Data in the New. And it’s happening now with Accenture!

Experience how Accenture is helping enterprises go beyond just capturing and curating data…and start capitalizing on it to drive business and new opportunities.

See the light...let data illuminate the way!

"There is a new form of business capital—Data—which is essential for businesses today to survive and thrive in the post-digital age."

– Shail Jain, Global Lead – Technology, Data & AI

How we work

Accenture is helping businesses ride the new wave of data, driven largely by the growth in the volume and variety of data, technology advances and data-led business models.

Next-gen data talent

Our highly-skilled professionals specialize in New Data skills and deep industry knowledge that businesses can harness for deriving intelligent insights.

Strategic alliances

We have built an extensive network with innovative companies that complement our machine-led approach, data architecture and platform capabilities, and data models.

Intelligent data insights

Our machine and AI-led approach, and industry context help businesses discover, authenticate and curate data—to run advanced analytics and drive smart decisions.

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Making Intelligent Data Suite work for you

Every business is a data business, we know. But the future of your data business resides within your data value chain—Capture, Curate and Consume.

With our Intelligent Data Suite (IDS), we help you go beyond just storing data in silos. The result? You start connecting your data value chain and cut through the chaos of using multiple point solutions, one for every data problem you’re trying to solve.

With IDS, we combine our deep industry knowledge and a unique machine-led approach to help you harness the full potential of data—so you can better understand it and trust the insights generated from it. The suite helps you:

  1. Discover & access data anywhere in the enterprise.
  2. Classify data by industry context.
  3. Qualify data by verifying its trustworthiness and validity.
  4. Consolidate & prepare the data for analytics while comparing with industry standards.

Accenture Intelligent Data Suite

Accenture Intelligent Data Suite helps discover, verify, integrate and activate data across your data value chain. See more.

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What we think

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Research Report

Accenture ranks #1 in HFS Top 10 Digital Associates Services
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Latest blogs and insights on enterprise data management.

Data 2020: 3 big trends powering the data agenda

Discover the trends powering data into 2020.

Understanding data in the New

To keep up and stay ahead of the market, companies need to build on New Data as their foundation.

GDPR: Comply to compete

Bonnier, a large media group, worked with Accenture to implement an automated solution for GDPR compliance. By combining its disparate data and deploying a machine-led compliance solution for GDPR, Accenture helped Bonnier achieve compliance—at speed and scale. In addition, the company used powerful visualization of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) through Knowledge Graphs to gain deep insights into its data landscape. Armed with these insights, Bonnier was able to transform a compliance-led data program into a competitive differentiator by identifying new business opportunities with data


Alliances and partners

With data becoming the new playfield of competition, together with our partners, we help businesses turn data into competitive advantage.

Our leaders

Join the data team

Are you in the New? We’re looking for Data Architects, Data engineers/developers. Illuminate your path to Data in the New.

Data Careers

Accenture Master Data Architect

Accenture Master Data Architects bring data to life and finding data gaps that help companies save millions and save lives. See more.

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