Accenture + ForgeRock

An award-winning partnership that’s keeping organizations productive and secure with innovations in identity and access management.

An innovative alliance

Together, Accenture and ForgeRock pioneered a new approach to identity access and management. Born in Accenture’s Dublin-based R&D innovation hub, The Dock, it harnesses the power of AI. The IP that resulted from the collaboration is now known as ForgeRock Autonomous Identity.

Powered by analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, ForgeRock Autonomous Identity automates processes around access request, access certification, and provisioning processes to keep workforces more productive and organizations more secure.

Through automation and AI-driven identity, customers achieve regulatory compliance, mitigate risks and save millions annually.

It's safe to say a lot has changed in identity management, and that includes traditional role-based access control (RBAC).


AI and analytics

Automate processes around access requests, access certification and provisioning with the power of Autonomous Identity, using AI/ML and analytics.


Define and align passwordless authentication experiences, using biometrics, mobile devices, security keys and more.

Mergers and acquisitions

Rationalize access into a single, integrated identity governance platform, while automating role optimization and identification of assignments.

Identity modernization

Pivot to modern authentication protocols and implement frictionless authentication experiences.

Zero trust enablement

Deliver zero trust security across hybrid IT environments while accelerating secure access and extending security investments.

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By the numbers


ForgeRock-skilled professionals globally


ForgeRock projects across 100+ different clients from all market sectors


ForgeRock’s only certified transformation partner


Global Partner of the Year (2019, 2020, 2021)


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Leaders speak

Together, we’re delivering a modern approach that leans on automation and AI to help keep customers compliant and their workforces productive.

Fran Rosch

Chief Executive Officer – ForgeRock

Our alliance helps clients achieve cyber resilience, using an innovative, automated solution to proactively identify risks and increase efficiency.

Rex Thexton

Senior Managing Director – Applied Cybersecurity Services