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Cyber Defense


Advanced Attack and Readiness Operations

Prepare your business against the most advanced cyber adversaries and reduce your exposure to threats targeting applications, hardware (OT/IOT) and enterprise assets.

Cyber Operations & Resilience

Integrate emerging technologies and define the right cyber threat operations center model to grow with confidence.

Application Security Advisory Services

Protect and monitor applications through data security and privacy, API security, enterprise application security and secure application development. Read more.

Cyber Investigation, Forensics & Response

Detect, respond and recover from threats and breaches that could impact business operations.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Support decisions with actionable and relevant threat intelligence to improve security maturity for the long-term, adapting to threats as they evolve.

Our Cyber Fusion Centers

Global Cyber Fusion Centers

A collective of global security professionals, leading data scientists, renowned academic researchers as well as technology and alliance partners.

DC Cyber Fusion Center

The latest Cyber Fusion Center in Washington, D.C. combines threat intelligence, adversary simulations, incident response and cybersecurity R&D teams.

Detect and respond at the Accenture Security ICS Cyber Range

Accenture's ICS Cyber Range in Houston

What we think

The state of cybersecurity resilience 2021

New report reveals a group of Cyber Champions—organizations that excel at cyber resilience to achieve better business outcomes.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Report

Our latest report focuses on early 2021 cyber threat trends and expert perspectives on threats to the operational technology (OT) landscape.

Ransomware reoriented

Businesses can recover from attacks faster if they understand and prepare for ransomware’s implications across the whole organization.


Our leaders

Josh Ray

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber Defense Lead

Kate Yamashita

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber Defense Lead, North America

Mark Sayer

Managing Director – Security, Cyber Defence Lead, AAPAC

Julien Gremillot​

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber Defense Lead, Europe

Shawn Duffy

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber Attack Simulation Lead

Howard Marshall

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead

Ganesh Devarajan

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Global Application Security Lead

Robert Boyce

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Cyber Resilience Services Lead

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