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Consumer behavior in the metaverse

January 6, 2023 7-MINUTE READ

Research report

In brief

Why businesses are missing what consumers want today

Ready, consumer one

Top industry areas consumers want to engage with in the metaverse

Source | Accenture Proprietary Research, Metaverse Consumer Study 2022

"Connecting with my friends and family who I live far away from"

"Accessing services, like virtual shopping in the supermarket or going to the doctor so I don't have to leave the house"

"I look forward to the amount of time I will save in the VR world vs. the real world."

"I wish it would help me complete everyday tasks that I don't want to do."

Delivering the future, today: working out in the metaverse

The metaverse. It’s personal…

Metaverse use case rank by age segment

Source | Accenture Proprietary Research, Metaverse Consumer Study 2022

% to adopt metaverse use case in the next year by age

Three no-regret moves to engage consumers

About the research

Kevan Yalowitz

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Global Lead

Dwight Lee

Managing Director – Strategy, Internet, Software & Platforms

Kevin Collins

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Innovation & Offerings, Global

Stephanie Gorski

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms

Paul Johnson

Senior Principal – Accenture Research

Brennan Torres

Consultant – Accenture Strategy, Software & Platforms