The building products industry in Brazil faces disruption, changing customer habits and digital channels, price wars, and fierce competition from new challengers. These changes demand more than just greater efficiency and cost reductions. It calls for executive leadership capable of creating consistently innovative solutions to be the disruptor, not the disrupted. This means developing the right tools and approaches that sustain an innovative culture and mindset.

Tigre Group, a Brazil-based building products company, teamed up with Accenture on a program that does this from the top down. The program helped the company’s senior leadership better understand customer habits and strengthen its culture of innovation.

New digital mindset

Tigre Group is a recognized segment leader in Brazil with operations in 40 countries. It aims to transform the customer experience, get closer to key influencers and decision makers during the shopping experience, and use digital innovation to enable and scale its strategy.

But taking a different approach requires thinking differently about the company and market—and inspiring employees to embrace the New. Tigre Group teamed up with Accenture to help company leadership apply a culture of innovation to digital, share knowledge about market and customer experience trends, and speed the implementation of this new approach.

"Tigre has a series of challenges. Accenture has engaged to help us in an innovation process. This is a work in progress, and I think this is very interesting: There’s no formula. It’s a constant discovery of what we really need."


Strategy and solution

We developed a new concept, Startup House, an immersive experience that helped Tigre Group executives create potential paths to the future. Startup House engaged Tigre’s leadership around a common purpose: Explore new digital platforms to strengthen relationships with key influencers and decision-makers during the shopping experience.

In the pipes and fittings industry, the building’s owner does not necessarily drive the buying decisions for a specific brand. Most often it is a plumber, retail salesperson, architect or other industry professional.

"The house was transformed into a place of innovation, the tables are different, the chairs are different. All of this makes you think differently. You get yourself thinking: ‘Wait a minute. This is not my common day. It isn’t my routine’."

— OTTO VON SOTHEN, Tigre Group President

A new approach to exploration

The Startup House event allowed Tigre Group executives to examine potential future digital issues with a fresh perspective. Sessions focused on customer decision criteria, the changing value chain and the open innovation ecosystem.

Knowledge from outside executives

A panel of C-level executives from other traditional businesses discussed how their companies are successfully reinventing the customer experience.

Insights from startups

Startup founders from the open innovation ecosystem helped Tigre Group executives better understand the business value of connecting to this network.

Forming their own startups

The team of Tigre Group executives formed startups to solve customer experience challenges and deepen relationships with purchasing decision-makers.

Coaching from Accenture

We helped coach teams on new methods to explore the solutions, including design thinking, Agile, field concept testing and minimum viable products.

Shark Tank

The prototyped solutions were presented and voted on in a “Shark Tank” with real investors.

Invaluable experiences

The experience enabled participants to learn how they could use digital platforms to develop a closer relationship with influencers to boost sales.

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Tigre Group executives now have the tools, approach and agility to strengthen the culture of innovation at the company.

Our approach helped key executives:

Create new platforms for digital innovation and executive alignment on their future vision.

Better position the company in a rapidly changing market.

Understand future customer trends and new business models.

Use their new-found knowledge to motivate and inspire teams to be even more innovative.

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"What I felt the most is everyone’s shining eyes, the willingness to do something new—which, in Startup House, became concrete. We dived right in."

– PATRICIA BOBBATO, Culture, Development and Internal Communications of Tigre Group

A strong foundation for future innovation

The initiative went beyond helping Tigre Group deliver more innovative solutions; with Accenture’s help, Tigre’s leadership now has the capabilities to develop continually its own innovative solutions and reinvent its future.

The pitch sessions generated four viable digital solutions, which the company is now using to accelerate its presence in the digital space. With the digital solutions, customers will benefit from more targeted value propositions in their digital journey. And the data generated will help Tigre Group sustain a closer relationship with key influencers and make more informed business decisions.

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