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Technology platforms: Create foundations for the future

You’ll build the tech that transforms how business works for the better.

Create custom applications, software solutions and engineer tomorrow’s tech infrastructure.

Work with our partners, the world’s leading platform and app companies, to solve complex business challenges and help companies build resiliency. 

Push the boundaries

Partner with the technology leaders—including, Adobe, SAP, Oracle, Salesforce and Workday—and with the start-ups changing the tech landscape.

Be a tech pioneer

Be part of one of the largest global communities of innovators working in a fast-paced environment to come up with and deliver solutions that make an impact.

Level-up your skills

We invest in continuous training and development including specialized certifications, deep tech training, workshops and more.

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Live your dreams

Neetu Raina Koul is a Business & Technology Delivery Associate Director in Singapore leading an SAP supply chain value tower in Southeast Asia. Here, she tells us about her journey.
“Fifteen years ago, I started a rewarding and fulfilling career at Accenture as an SAP consultant. Today, I lead an SAP supply chain value tower in Southeast Asia for Accenture.

I was always an avid science student and loved travel, and I get to enjoy a mix of both in the world of technology consulting. I find utmost pride in helping bring value and drive change for our clients. I get to help solve real-world problems and continue to progress in my career at Accenture.

The inclusive culture at Accenture has been inspiring. I’ve always had a strong voice and have been given every stage I deserved to represent myself and technology.

There are four pillars that have helped me further my career ambitions and at the same time continue to add value for business: stay relevant; think beyond; add value; and never stop learning.” 

Explore roles in technology platforms

Overview of AWS

Leverage Amazon Web Services for cloud computing solutions, including storage, databases, and machine learning.

Overview of Adobe

Create and deliver digital experiences using Adobe's suite of creative and marketing tools, including AEM and AEP.

Overview of Amazon

Utilize Amazon's e-commerce platform for scalable targeting and online retail.

Overview of Android

Develop mobile applications for the Android operating system, reaching a wide user base across devices.

Overview of Apple

Build software products within Apple's ecosystem, known for innovation and user experience.

Overview of Azure

Utilize Microsoft Azure for cloud-based computing, storage, and services, enabling scalable and flexible solutions.

Overview of Google

Access Google's suite of products and services, including search, advertising, and productivity tools.

Overview of Google Cloud

Harness Google Cloud Platform for cloud-based infrastructure and services, facilitating data storage, analytics, and machine learning.

Overview of Microsoft

Use Microsoft's software and services to increase productivity, improve communication and create enterprise solutions.

Overview of Oracle

Implement enterprise solutions and databases using Oracle's software and cloud services.

Overview of Power BI

Analyze and visualize data using Microsoft's Power BI platform, enabling insights and informed decision-making.

Overview of SAP

Implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business process solutions using SAP's software and services.

Overview of Salesforce

Help companies build and manage customer relationships with Salesforce's customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Overview of Tableau

Visualize and analyze data using Tableau's business intelligence and analytics platform, enabling data-driven insights.

Overview of Workday

Help companies manage human resources, finance, and planning processes with Workday's cloud-based software suite.

Overview of iOS

Develop applications for Apple's mobile operating system, known for its security and performance.

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