Moving to the cloud has multiple benefits, but one that drives both business and operational growth is increased technical performance.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is specifically designed to boost performance – both to add value to business and to make operations flow at a greater rate of speed. Both are connected by OCI’s ability to seamlessly process and manage data, so the right data ends up in the right place.

Accenture is uniquely positioned to optimize this path to elevated value based on our long-standing partnership with Oracle, deep industry expertise and technical knowledge. We begin with an organization’s vision, create a strategy to execute that vision, deliver a solution with minimal disruption, and stay on to manage perpetually, finding new ways to unlock value as the business and technology evolve.

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Boost Performance with Oracle Cloud & Autonomous

Meet our CIO as he details the performance boost delivered by migration of their data to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Autonomous Database.

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OCI is architected for business-critical workloads

While some cloud platforms are designed as general-purpose clouds to support edge applications, Oracle specifically built OCI to handle business-critical workloads. Oracle’s commitment to business-criticality starts at the OCI foundation. OCI utilizes a flat architecture that enables data to pass more quickly through a single layer, rather than multiple components. Network virtualization and cloud software are not handled by physical servers, but by separate isolated systems. The results are speed for your applications and security for your data.

OCI adds firepower with Exadata, a computing platform with fully integrated servers, storage, networking and software that was specially built to run Oracle databases. Integrated into a single platform, databases can now achieve greater speed, scale, security and availability than on other platforms. Exadata Cloud Service enables non-disruptive scaling, which allows organizations to increase or decrease processing power without needing to experience downtime, an inevitability with other cloud providers.

Oracle’s Autonomous Database, only available on OCI, is the industry’s only self-driving, self-patching and self-securing system. This innovative solution increases performance by being continuously tuned by observing user behavior and automates database administrative activities requiring less than 30 minutes of downtime each year. This automation increases productivity and frees up time. Teams have more time to research, to experiment, to take new chances that may lead to industry-leading breakthroughs.

OCI also delivers High Performance Computing (HPC) Solutions which is designed for enterprise-class customers who traditionally relied on on-premises systems with high capital costs, such as those in the manufacturing, finance, research, or life science industries. Organizations can scale up – take on additional projects, experiment, innovate, and get products to market faster, all of which gives them opportunities that may have taken years to achieve.

OCI enables performance because it enables massive amounts of data to be processed faster and cheaper with greater security. The benefits are immediate: complex calculations can be made within minutes, not weeks. All systems have a single source of truth. Insights based on more reliable data are available. Ultimately, businesses are able to make smarter decisions.

Reducing how much time it takes to complete tasks also allows the company to take on additional projects that drive business. The added productivity grows the bottom line and shows clients flexibility that is unparalleled anywhere else.

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All journeys need a guide: Accenture

But technology can never reach its full potential without human ingenuity. That’s where Accenture comes in. Our extensive industry knowledge, technical expertise, and time-honored partnership with Oracle helps clients solve a full spectrum of challenges, from a cloud migration to a multi-pillar transformation. We meet clients where they are, and we enable them to get where they need to go.

We leverage our proprietary tools to automate analysis, migration and operations in order to mitigate risk. MyNav, for example, has tools that can simulate a company's workloads in the cloud and analyze their usage to determine the right size architecture that will fit their needs. We can use that data to model the costs for the business case benefits and produce an optimized solution and bill of materials before embarking on the implementation.

Reducing cost, adding value

By working with Oracle, our solutions solve current challenges and, in the process, generate added value. And it all starts with technical performance. For example:

  • In one OCI deployment with Oracle Exadata, a government client was able to cut its nightly batch processing in half while shaving infrastructure costs by 10-20 percent.
  • Cost value: We helped one company reduce costs by 27% when we designed and implemented a multi-cloud approach that included OCI. The company recouped its initial investment, achieved a smaller IT footprint at a lower cost and was able to reinvest those savings into innovation to boost business performance.
  • Operational value: In a recent cloud migration, we helped a security software company split, secure and migrate its data to the cloud quickly. The migration was completed with zero downtime, allowing the company to respond with more agility to new business opportunities.

Your vision, elevated

OCI is a leader in elevating performance as it fully supports advanced database solutions for greater scalability and availability. Now, organizations can migrate safely and securely to the cloud and, through OCI’s high performance, achieve immediate value. Not only can they respond rapidly to changing customer demand and market conditions, but they can also expand their operations without the threat of unexpected downtime.

With ingenuity and expertise Accenture brings to game-changing technology like OCI, organizations can solve today's challenges and be ready for - and create - the future.

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Andrea Cesarini

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group Lead, Europe

Nish Patel

Managing Director – Oracle Business Group, North America

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