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Tune in: Why should you care about the metaverse?

3-minute read

December 19, 2022

Accenture’s Technology Vision 2022 invited us to meet in the metaverse. The two of us recently did just that.

We connected to talk about what makes the metaverse different from previous innovations (think: technology of transformation, not transition). We also discussed the layers of the metaverse and opportunities for it to help shape the future of service — including use of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) in financial services and digital twins to support complex maintenance activities.

We encourage you to read more about why should you care about the metaverse — and why it’s time for your organization to start experiencing what’s possible.

View the video on YouTube.

Tune in to learn more about why should you care about the metaverse. Regardless, if you listen to the entire conversation now or customize your experience by listening to specific chapters by jumping to the segment where you want to learn more below:

  • Chapter 1: What is the metaverse?—Timestamped at 2:15
  • Chapter 2: What can the consumer expect from the metaverse?—Timestamped at 4:50
  • Chapter 3: How should a business start investing in the metaverse?—Timestamped at 8:19
  • Chapter 4: What considerations should a business make for the metaverse?—Timestamped at 10:57


Tejas R. Patel

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory, Growth Markets