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Adapted from original story on Esquire, by Paddy Maddison

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Turns out there’s nothing like a pandemic to make a person have a good look in the mirror and re-evaluate what they want from life.

Some have responded by relocating to the countryside, others have seized the opportunity to focus on their fitness and get in shape and many have toyed with the idea of a career change.

If you’re one of those people, consider this a friendly nudge. Yes, change can be daunting, but wouldn’t you rather take the plunge and be in control of your destiny?

We know a thing or two about change at Accenture. Here’s my advice to consider as you start the next chapter in your career.

  1. Find an employer that goes with the flow.

If nothing else, the past two years have shown that human connection is vital for our well-being. What’s clear to all of us is that things cannot—and should not—return to the way they were. Our future will see a significantly increased (and urgently needed) focus on flexibility, diversity and sustainability.

The challenges that we face will require Accenture and others to continue to innovate for our people and clients, bringing the collective ingenuity of our nearly 700,000 people together with technology to deliver value in new, sustainable ways.

Within Accenture, the needs of our people are nuanced and changing, and those needs will not be met by a one-size-fits-all future model. Flexible working, with an inclusive culture centered on human connection, will be essential to ensure that all people feel they belong, can advance, thrive and build careers they love. 

  1. Lead by example.

If they’re going in the same direction as they always were and you just happen to be at the front, you’re a manager, not a leader. Leadership is about inspiring a vision of change and equipping those traveling with you on the journey to achieve that vision. 

  1. Spend time with successful people.

Seek out others who are successfully doing the things you want to do. Very successful people have usually failed more times than most people have tried, so they can be a great source of learning about what didn’t work and how to avoid common obstacles.  

 They’re also often full of positive and supportive energy, which you’ll need to surround yourself with when you want to step into a new domain.

 Join us and drive real, impactful change.


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Gavin Young

Talent Strategist Senior Manager and UKI Ethnicity Lead, London

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