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Our centers in Portugal

We innovate to transform organizations

Portugal key differentiators


From the pre-sale phase, to the post-go-line analysis, we work on functional and technical design and implementation, with a team of experienced professionals and direct contact with the client.

Qualified resources

Professionals from the best Portuguese and European universities.

Strategic location

Very good connections with the main European cities.

Resilient infrastructure

Safe and well-established infrastructure.

Delivery costs

Efficiency in delivery costs, one of the most competitive in Europe.

Multilingual and multicultural skills

More than 50 different nationalities working in Portugal.

Our capacities and locations in Portugal

Centers by function

Advanced Technology Center - Lisbon

Located at Tower 1 of Amoreiras in Lisbon, it is dedicated to the development and management of information technologies. Read more.

Advanced Technology Center – Braga

In Braga, it is dedicated to the development and management of information technologies. Read more.

Lisbon Intelligent Operations Center – Lisbon

Based in Amoreiras Square, this center is dedicated to providing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. Read more.

Field Force Management Center of Excellence

The CoE of FFM offers the unique experience of a multidisciplinary team with over 60 certifications in market tools.

Human Capital Management Center of Excellence

Long experience in Portugal in the design, implementation and execution of HCM solutions and processes and in supporting end-to-end HR digital transformation.

Lisbon Intelligent Operations Center – Miraflores

Based at Arquiparque in Miraflores, this center is dedicated to multi-lingual business, with customer experience, content reviewers and backoffice capabilities.

Centers by industry

Lisbon Insurance Delivery Center

In Lisbon, specialized services focused on the management of activities to support complaint processes.

Accenture Tolling Center of Excellence

The Tolling CoE supports sales and delivery worldwide, offering a range of end-to-end services for toll operators.

Utilities Center of Excellence

Utilities CoE leverages the main consulting, technology and BPO offerings to serve our customers by combining technologies with industry know-how.

The Bay: Innovation Habitat for FS – Lisbon

At Praça da Alegria in Lisbon, the Fintech House is a center dedicated to the innovation ecosystem of banking and insurance. Read more.

AI Store: Innovation with Purpose – Porto

Located at the Fraunhofer Institute in Porto, this center is dedicated to sustainable innovation through the application of artificial intelligence.


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