Innovation for Financial Services

Center that uses creativity and the innovation ecosystem to unlock growth opportunities and accelerate the digital transformation of our customers.

Foster innovation and differentiation

Accenture offers the opportunity for large financial services companies and Fintech to triangulate between our international network of talent and capabilities, customers and the relationship established with regulators.

Our mission is simple, to create synergies between our talent, artificial intelligence capabilities and international network, leveraging speed and innovation in the development of exclusive prototypes and solutions and, therefore, driving innovation in the financial services industry in Europe.

Instead of predicting future trends, we move forward by inventing them in order to change paradigms in the industry, redesign business models and improve the relationship between our clients and their customers through innovation and differentiation.


Can you turn bank customers into investors?

With AI based interactions and recommendations, it is not only possible but also more effective.

Can banks increase both revenue and satisfaction?

Yes, it’s now possible to monetize customers payment accounts data while benefiting both the bank and the customer.

What if good drivers could pay less car insurance?

In The Bay we can make it possible, by combining a powerful mobile app and advanced ML algorithms.

Struggling to explain advanced risk algorithms?

Using explainable AI, we can systematically improve ML based risk algorithms identifying and preventing unwanted biases.

Can your phone camera help in a car accident?

In The Bay, we are already turning this idea into reality, using the camera of a smartphone and AI to capture the damages and estimate the costs.

Can BIG DATA be immune to GDPR and keep its value?

We can make this possible using high quality synthetic data built with AI.


Partnership with Portugal Fintech

Accenture, as the main sponsor of Portugal Fintech, collaborates to promote innovation and value creation in the financial services industry. Since 2018, Accenture has supported this organization, reinforcing the Portuguese innovation ecosystem.

2019 Report

45 minute read

Portugal Fintech 2019

Portugal Fintech presents the 2019 highlights in Portuguese fintech, including the launch of Fintech House, a cluster and co-working space.


2018 Report

45 minute read

Portugal Fintech 2018

This Report provides a summary of the fintech landscape in Portugal and maps the top 25 Fintechs standing out in 2018.


Our statement

THE BAY arrives as the ecosystem that will challenge the financial services industry. Great talent comes together to question, debate alternatives and build solutions that allow clients to respond safely to the unknown.

Luís Pedro Duarte

Vice President - Financial Services lead, Accenture Portugal


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