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Be someone who genuinely cares about the humans you meet every day. If someone seems off, ask them what support they need.

Shannon Adkins

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Talent & Organization / Human Potential, Organization Strategy & Design

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Seeing change before it happens

A futurist is someone who predicts the future. An intentional futurist is someone who creates it. Here’s why leaders must become the latter.


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Putting the power of IT in your people’s hands

Ordinary citizens are becoming do-it-yourself developers within their organizations. Find out why it’s worth having your workforce follow suit.

Embracing tomorrow’s virtual future, today

Forward-looking businesses are blending physical and virtual worlds into "real virtualities." Discover what it takes to bring the future to life.

Could child welfare tech be like a smartphone?

Child welfare needs a technology overhaul. Fortunately, a new information system could be the answer. Discover how to invest in kids’ futures.

One operating model for multiple business models

Can one operating model truly serve multiple business lines in today’s shifting landscape? The answer is yes—if done correctly. Here’s how.

4 areas where digital twins can help insurers

Digital twins are a win for forward-looking companies. Here are four ways businesses can get the most out of this innovative technology.

Accomplishing the complex quickly

Speed is everything in today’s business landscape. That’s why Accenture and AWS are helping companies deliver value faster. Learn more.

How to win the race to capture travel demand

With travel coming back, every place is competing to become a destination. The secret to success? Leaning not only on your people, but on your data.

Key trends shaping the future of payments

Payments look very different in a post-COVID world. Here are the big trends that are accelerating the way we connect, exchange and do business.

A CISO's enemy, the "Human X Factor"

Most security incidents are the product of human error. How can companies mitigate this? Through a risk-based, outcome-driven approach. Learn more.

3 steps to building a better ecosystem

When it comes to unlocking value, businesses are simply better together. Discover the three steps companies can take to collaborate more effectively.

Weaving the digital thread for life sciences

What is the future for life sciences? Greater connectivity and increased data visibility across the entire ecosystem. This is the digital thread.

Diversity and inclusion: a supply chain remedy

Stock shortages aren’t just the product of a broken global supply chain; they’re a product of work cultures that lack inclusivity. Learn more.

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Empathy is key in customer service. So is knowing context. Here’s why you need both.

The cloud continuum is bringing physical and digital worlds together. Here's how.

It really does take just one hour, but the return on that time invested is immeasurable. Penelope Prett, Accenture CIO, explains why.

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From AR to VR: pioneering new ideas with tech

Looking to innovate? Start by building a culture of collaboration. Here’s how companies can instill a mentorship mentality across the organization.

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