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Supply chain

Creating 360° Value

Responsible Company

Becoming a sustainability leader

Environmental Sustainability

Making a difference through climate action

Our people

Caring for our people

Ethics & Governance

Conducting our business with integrity

360° Value Reporting

All reporting in one place

Driving responsible change at scale

Procurement Plus

Our ethical procurement strategy

Supplier Standards of Conduct

We require our suppliers to adhere to our Supplier Standards of Conduct or to make an equivalent commitment. Read more.

Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact

As a signatory to the Ten Principles of the UNGC we strive to lead by example in upholding its principles.

Human rights and our supply chain

Living wage

We strongly encourage all our suppliers to pay a living wage or higher to those who provide services directly to our company and/or our clients.

Modern slavery, child labor and human trafficking

Our Modern Slavery Transparency Statement provides more information about our long-standing commitment to supporting and respecting human rights.

Driving supplier sustainability

Supplier inclusion and diversity

Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Program

We work within our ecosystem to identify, develop and work with smaller, more diverse suppliers with increased agility, reaching 21 countries in 2021.

Diverse Supplier Development Program (DSDP)

Through our 18-month DSDP, we put our commitment to supplier inclusion and diversity into action by mentoring diverse suppliers across the globe.

Supporting a global inclusive economy


Prioritizing supplier diversity

More about sustainability