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Fast-changing consumer demands. New competitors. Traditional market positions under threat. It’s an extremely uncertain and disruptive environment for CPG brands. Disruption changes everything. But it also creates a world of opportunity. To capitalize, brands must adapt fast: Consumer relevance is now the top priority. Products, services and brand experiences have to meet consumers’ individual needs, at exactly the right moment.

Doing this at scale takes extraordinary organizational agility. It also demands a rethink of the entire value chain—from developing new concepts, to manufacturing, the store shelf and beyond. It’s about a cultural shift toward ecosystem collaboration as much as operating model change.

How we help

With services including retail execution, promotion management, front office and goods mobility solutions, and store compliance, we guide clients through the changes sweeping through the industry.

Modern Enterprise

Unlock trapped value and shape a lean organization that can respond quickly and flexibly to changing consumer demands.

Modern relationships

Embrace a truly consumer-centric mindset and ensure consumers find the products they desire on their favorite channels.

Connected Enterprise

Merge consumer data with enterprise data (via AI and analytics) to generate insight-driven distribution and promotion strategies.

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Case studies

Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages

Accenture helped Del Monte Foods transform its IT infrastructure and to transition to the cloud.

Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages

Barilla collaborated with Accenture to make its IT organization more cost-effective and competitive.

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What we think

Our leaders


Accenture helps Carlsberg transition to the Cloud

Learn how we delivered a journey to cloud for Carlsberg in just 6 months, helping the 171-year-old brewer to accelerate growth and improve margins.

Accenture helps Del Monte Foods drive growth with the Cloud

Learn how we delivered a journey to cloud for Del Monte Foods in just four months, helping the 132-year company create a more agile operating environment.

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