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Case Study

Cybersecurity: everyone’s concern

Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance mobilizes against cybercrime.

3-Minuten Zeit

Call for change

"Because cybercriminals know how to use social engineering to achieve their goals, the first line of defense is not technology, but people."

— SANDY DUSSOTTIER, Group Chief Information Security Officer – Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

When tech meets human ingenuity

"We must persist to reinforce the daily vigilance of everyone in the company."

— FRANCK POLI, Chief Information Security Officer – Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance

A valuable difference






Start-up partners 

Meet the team

Michael Bittan

Accenture Security, France

Luc Tentillier

Accenture Security — Financial services France & Benelux

Fabien Dupré

Accenture Security — Strategy and Risk France & Benelux