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Case Study

Intelligent procurement

The future of procurement lies in intelligence powered by data and analytics

Call for change

Procurement Plus by the numbers




procurement spend


invoices paid




ventures & acquisitions work projects


US spend with diverse suppliers

When tech meets human ingenuity

Digitizing processes to create access to data

Setting the foundation for advanced analytics

Creating a holistic, robust digital strategy

Leveraging data to drive intelligent procurement

A valuable difference

“Bringing the right data and steps together in the procurement process will give us enormously valuable insights into how we’re contracting and buying and with which suppliers.”

— PATRICIA MILLER, Managing Director, Procurement Plus – Digital Transformation, Accenture


Annualized working capital benefits delivered by having greater visibility into our pending invoices, as of fiscal year 2021.


Reduction in invoice approval time.


Improvement in request-to-order time.

Meet the team

Tricia Miller

Interim Chief Procurement Officer

Jim Gradeless

Director, Procurement Plus – Digital Transformation

Scott Perkins

Senior Manager, Procurement Plus – Data & Analytics Lead
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