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Descripción De La Posición

Talent Supply Demand Discipline (TSCD) Integration Senior Manager will serve as the primary talent supply chain point of contact for the V&A and Post Merger Integration (PMI) teams managing acquisitions into Accenture globally.

This person is responsible to provide TSCD expertise in order to assess the requirements and support needed for each deal from pre-close to stabilization post cut-over. The V&A TSCD Lead will be responsible for assessing current organization TSCD processes, determining opportunities and priorities to implement standard/customized Accenture tools and processes, and then managing that transition and implementation plan.  This will require extensive collaboration with the acquired organization’s Leadership, HR and Operations teams, multiple V&A PMI workstreams, as well as the sponsoring entity’s Leadership and HR Leads as well as the TSC COE Consultant.

In addition to deep foundational knowledge of the subject matter, our core competencies are strategy, change management, stakeholder management, training and communications.  Our team is primarily focused on strategic work engaging with high-level executives but also provides support to the MU delivery teams establishing fit-for-purpose training, processes and reports during stabilization.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Assists with the current state evaluation of new business deal
  • Provides an integration recommendation regarding process, tools, resource requirements, cost and timeline based on the business requirements, business case, and Accenture HR processes, tools, and guidelines
  • Develops an integration plan and leads the TSCD integration activities through to steady state
  • Works closely with the MU and Global HRP/TC/TP&O/HRSD Leads to ensure current company guidelines are considered in transition plans considering the specific nuances of the acquisition
  • Partners with V&A Recruiting leads to ensure current recruiting processes and tools are considered in transition plans considering the nuances of the acquisition
  • Develops and maintains specific assets appropriate to diligence and integration planning/execution
  • Liaise with the Client Account HR Team, V&A and Post Merger Integration teams
  • Provides weekly updates on status of acquisition
  • Ensures TSCD items impacting process, system, and people issues are documented and resolved
  • Facilitates handover from integration team to steady state delivery resources.


Must have:
•    8+ years working in consulting and/or HR; Planning & Forecasting delivery experience a plus;
•    Understanding of Career Architecture (Career Levels, Progression, Job), and how it works ‘on the ground’
•    Expertise in global business process design, and global technology implementations (WorkDay Adaptive experience is a plus)
•    Demonstrated executive-level communication skills
•    Demonstrated analytical and problem solving abilities
•    Proven ability to work with agility and resilience in a highly collaborative and multidisciplinary environment.

Good to have:
•    Experience in delivering HR services to internal/external clients; ability to set expectations/negotiate deliverables
•    Accenture system knowledge, reporting, people hierarchy/financial hierarchy.

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