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Descripción De La Posición

Job Summary: 

Performance & Advisory is our new multi-dimensional finance capability that opens boundless opportunities for our people and reflects the strong culture of shared success that we aim to build.

The Performance component directly reflects that success is based on business outcomes achieved; while the Advisory component represents the expected contribution further along the value chain, with shared accountability for results.

P&A professionals will be equal team members on the Finance teams to which they are assigned, sharing ownership of business outcomes. Functionally aligned. Directly assigned.

Within Performance & Advisory we have six towers, collaborating as needed in order to achieve shared outcomes and shared success:

  • P&A Account & Portfolio Performance
  • P&A Forecasting & Planning
  • P&A Payroll & Cost Optimization
  • P&A Data Analytics & Storytelling
  • P&A Investments
  • P&A Competitor Financials - Market and Services

P&A Forecasting & Planning tower is jointly accountable for the forward-looking view into the health of Accenture’s business driving the submission of internal quarterly forecasts and annual plans, and continuously monitoring business portfolio performance indicators to advise leadership and manage landing position expectations. The advisory component of the job is key in order to originate value for Accenture.

At the core, the scope of the tower requires active participation in the planning and forecasting process with key areas of responsibility including:

  • Annual financial plan and quarterly forecast submissions that are reliable, accurate, and aligned with Accenture ambitions, business aspirations and strategic goals
  • Scenario planning, use of predictive and prescriptive analysis, and stress tests
  • Upsides & risks assessment to forward looking projections
  • Stakeholders management, including early warnings to leadership when a forecast goes off track and recommendation of corrective actions

The Forecasting & Planning professional will be responsible of Forecasting & Planning for the Market Unit, working closely with MU CFO and deputy CFO, collaborating with the professionals of the other P&A towers and with the local and global Finance community.

The role requires also working alongside and reporting directly to the Market Forecasting & Planning lead and to the Forecasting & Planning global lead.

Key Responsibilities include the following:

  • Plan, Analyze and Advice for North America Market Units. At the core: partnership with Market and Market Unit Leadership and drive of business outcomes.
  • Collaborate extensively with the Market F&P team. Drive standardization, orchestrate processes, make/propose improvements to deliverables collaborating with peers in other Market Units and in the global F&P team to develop best practice methodologies and operationalize within the Market and the Market Units.
  • Lead the preparation and submission of the annual plan and quarterly forecasts, working collaboratively with all the stakeholders involved in the process. Prepare and analyze also what if scenarios and recurring outlooks.
  • Apply top-down models and methodologies, leveraging on data and predictive/prescriptive analytics.
  • Provide actionable insights and expertise to help achieve targets and drive business outcomes.
  • Provide early warnings when the plan/forecast goes off track, and as soon as upsides or downsides appear to the horizon. Alert the leadership of significant issues, working collaboratively with stakeholders to address them.
  • Consolidate the full plan/forecast P&L, including NCC from Payroll & Cost Optimization.
  • Analyze actual trends combined with projected trends, provide insights on trends, and various pipeline/backlog key performance indicators and health metrics. Deep Dive of big deals, major EAC changes and top clients.
  • Provide insights about the forward-looking view of the P&L in preparation of the monthly state of the business reviews, quarterly business reviews, and other leadership meetings within agreed SLAs. Collaborate with Leadership as required.
  • Ensure that stakeholders receive the appropriate information and insights to manage their areas of responsibility; promote the usage of standardized reports and actively identify where gaps in reporting analytics may exist.
  • Leverage and build relationships within and outside of FBM.
  • Foster collaboration and maintain strong communication and dialogue.
  • Help to foster the development of the Market and global F&P team; participate in F&P team calls encouraging collaboration, innovative and agile approaches to solving business needs of the leadership team.
  • Be a driver of change, embracing and contributing to the evolution of P&A Forecasting and Planning.
  • Drive Forecast Accuracy.
  • Increase awareness of Corporate and Market expectations.
  • Leverage standardized reporting and existing insights dashboards, inclusive of digital tools and analytics, MMS, CBP and MMB.

Basic Qualifications:

  • Education:  Graduate degree in Finance or Accounting
  • Work Experience: 7 years+ professional experience in Finance


Professional Skill Requirements:

  • Expertise in financial modeling and predictive analysis; ability to drive key business insights from complex data
  • Strong business acumen and understanding of the economics that drive our business with working knowledge of Accenture’s operating and economic models
  • Executive presentation skills with effective communication and business advisory skills
  • Proactive attitude and self-motivated; takes ownership of tasks and work efforts
  • Ability to be flexible and work independently and analytically in a problem-solving environment
  • Ability to proactively identify areas for analysis or requiring attention; ability to interpret and synthesize recommendations from the analysis escalating and/or involving all parties required to achieve resolution. Timely and accurate preparation of management information is required with limited supervision necessary
  • Strong communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills, with ability to work virtually and within virtual teams an essential requirement; confident dealing with finance and non-finance executives alike
  • Strong organizational, multi-tasking, and time management skills
  • Knowledge of IFS, SAP BR, MMB, CBP, MMS, Accenture Economic and Operating Model, and Global standardized reporting
  • Advanced Excel skills.  Proficient in MS Word, MS Outlook & MS Power Point
  • Fluent English

Travel and Overtime Requirements:

  • Overtime should be expected during critical peak periods
  • Ability to be flexible in a remote environment; may be required to attend conference calls out of normal working hours

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