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Analyst Programmer Copy 01

Lugar de trabajo: Buenos Aires

Regional Description: Argentina

Número de la posición: 00656917


- Descripción de la posición

The IS Senior Analyst is responsible for assist ISMS on operating and help in monitoring the local ISMS to manage information security risk within the entity. The role of the IS Senior Analyst involves 1. operate all aspects the local ISMS instance, monitoring and accessing Archer data and other ISMS tools 2. execute ISMS related procedures assigned to ISMS Team 3. understand the requirements to properly protect Accenture data 4. interact to Asset Stewards to facilitate their responsibility in keeping all IS assets 5. raise issues to DPIS Coordinator and or DPIS Lead 6. keep and following the ISMS activities scheduling monthly, quarterly and annually Responsibilities Risk Management Proactively maintaining the ISMS Asset Register and related Risk Assessment as a living record Review and refresh the entity s Asset Register on a periodic basis at least annually to provide a clear understanding of the assets the management system is seeking to protect Work with key contacts to identify new assets to be recorded and mobilize and validate controls for new assets Retire assets no longer used Work with the Asset Stewards which are level 7 or above and Legal Data Privacy to complete the privacy requirements for any assets containing personal data GDPR or local legal requirements Review and refresh the entity s Risk Assessment on a periodic basis at least annually to provide a clear view of the entity s risk profile Work with key contacts to identify new risks and ensure risks are managed either through risk acceptance or the implementation of risk treatment actions Assist DPIS Coordinator on understanding of risk management decisions Help to monitor that all applicable information security controls within the Statement of Applicability have been implemented, and that the appropriate checks are carried out to provide evidence that the controls are in place and are operating effectively
An IS Senior Analyst must have skills in Auditing Data analysis Stakeholder facilitation An IS Senior Analyst must Be a trusted Information Security advisor IS Advocate Understand Accenture security, the ISMS security controls, and the data privacy GDPR requirements Understand the blueprint of their entity Assist DPIS Coordinator on working with Leaders to identify and evaluate security risk and make informed decisions that mitigate risks Proactively identify and follow through with actions that strengthen the security posture of their entity Be comfortable working with IS tools and data structures Recommended Qualifications Desirable knowledge on compliance programs, including compliance auditing General understanding of policies and corporate terminology and organizational structures

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