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Our end-to-end services help private equity firms leverage technology to unlock growth and improve profits at each stage of the investment life cycle.


Private equity (PE) firms are in the business of transforming companies to unlock growth and improve profits at speed. Accenture partners with PE firms across their investment life cycle. Underpinned by the latest in digital and technology, we provide end-to-end services that span due diligence and deal support, transition and transformation planning, as well as portfolio company value creation. In addition to supporting the investment life cycle, we help PE firms themselves evolve through scalable portfolio capabilities and shared services.

In everything we do, we build on Accenture’s 360° Value approach through our PE Value Compass, with a focus on the most important value drivers in private equity: EBITDA and enterprise value.


  • “North/South” drives near-term earnings performance, through revenue enhancement or cost improvement; some cost measures will have secondary benefit of cash benefit.

Enterprise value

  • “East/West” drives mid/long-term enterprise value, either by differentiating the business through business enhancements (e.g. talent, ESG, technology) or mitigating enterprise challenges (e.g. capability gaps, security challenges).
Accenture’s PE Value Compass, with a focus on the most important value drivers in private equity with our 360° Value approach.

Private Equity Value Compass

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Read what private equity leaders can do to achieve maximum value and gain a competitive edge from its untapped potential.

Pioneering private equity firms are showing that profit and purpose can go hand in hand. Here’s how.

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Case study: Cloud-first for the future

Fueling new growth for SUSE with a reimagined IT landscape in the cloud.

SUSE engaged Accenture to help it discover, plan and navigate the best way forward after it was sold by Micro Focus to investment company EQT Partners. Together, we designed a way for SUSE to leave behind old ways of working and complex legacy systems and create a new, standalone company purpose-built for growth.

The goal was to enable SUSE’s mission to empower customers to innovate everywhere—from the data center, to the cloud, to the edge and beyond.

Accenture assembled a diverse team of 200 specialists from our businesses in 25 locations worldwide to meet project goals early. Sander Huyts, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SUSE, said: “Accenture built a new house for the company. All we needed to do was move in, switch on the lights and continue doing what we do best.”

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A private equity firm, or PE firm, is a type of investment firm. The goal of a PE firm is to invest in companies with the purpose of increasing their long-term value, before eventually selling these companies at a profit. PE firms usually invest in multiple companies at once. This is called a portfolio, and the businesses they invest in are called portfolio companies.

For any company, growth and innovation don’t happen without the engagement of its people. For PE firms, successfully addressing the talent side of the equation is key to maximizing value. This includes making people partners in change and focusing on issues like culture and skilling. In doing so, one size fits none: the intent of the deal is key to determining the best approach for designing the new organization.

Pioneering PE firms are showing that profit and purpose can go hand in hand. PE firms are reevaluating their operating model on two levels—the portfolio level and the fund level—with a focus on strengthening their “Sustainability DNA”. From strategy and branding, to data technologies, to operating model transformation, a wealth of actions can help private equity firms improve their investment value chain with ESG.

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