Industrial Connectivity

Industrial Connectivity as the foundation for digital transformation and the smart plant out of our Essen Industry X Innovation Center.

"The new connectivity that is emerging with 5G and also with other connectivity technologies holds great opportunities for all of us."

— Götz Erhardt, Managing Director for Basic Industries and Energy ASGR

Industrial Connectivity – Get a competitive edge

5G is on the roll-out and expands the current industrial connectivity landscape. Due to its unique and main characteristics it enables a new kind of use cases that will revolutionize the way we work in the industry today like DCS in your pocket, data access anywhere and autonomous vehicle fleet management.

We help clients to manage the transition to the future to gain their competitive edge in establishing the smart plant. Our Innovation Center functions as a “5G real lab” to experience new connectivity technologies. Clients can explore use cases, test ideas and equipment to improve both using an in- and outdoor LTE/5G network and other connectivity technologies within a former industrial site. Besides connected-worker applications, companies can also directly test drones, augmented reality and data analytics solutions. 5G is not the single best solution for every business. We evaluate and consider different connectivity options and tailor it to our clients and their specific use cases.

Improve efficiency, safety and quality through real-time data access, over-the-shoulder support, and recommendations in the field.


Companies can test 5G technologies in Essen.

Industrial connectivity solutions in Essen

As an integrator of processes, data and systems, we help our clients to boost connectivity in their operations in the plant and in the field. The following industrial connectivity solutions are installed on-site in our Industry X Innovation Center:


With data rates up to 10 Gbit/s, companies can access a network, up to 100x faster than 4G/LTE. Low latency and low energy options are also available.


Short-range technology with good data rates for devices and access points. Global ecosystem with high capacity at low connection cost.


Offers necessary scale and capability for delivering high Quality of Services (QoS) security and scalability.


Suitable for connecting many devices deployed in a close vicinity. In its environment it can transmit with little energy and low data rates.


Scalable solution with limited QoS. Runs on a special carrier network with low data rate connection in a cost-efficient way.


Operates on license-free sub-gigahertz radio frequency bands with low data rates (0.3 - 27 kbit/s) and high energy efficiency in a range of 5-10 km.


Bluetooth provides short-range connectivity at very low costs. Focus lies on data rate and battery life at the expense of connection range.

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"Industrial connectivity is the core requirement of the modern smart plant. Our mission is to lay the foundation of the future success of our clients."

– JOHANNES GREß, Head of Essen Industry X Innovation Center

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