Accenture Regulatory Compliance Platform

Scalable and responsive, this platform lets financial firms choose the compliance outsourcing tools they need for active compliance.

Moving to a future-oriented compliance strategy

The Accenture Regulatory Compliance Platform (ARCP) offers integrated responsive technology, agile methodologies and scalable shared services to help deliver cost efficiencies and support growth.

Features and benefits include:

Global technology platform

The ARCP becomes a one-stop shop for all compliance activities, and lets clients assess compliance efforts through its full set of analytics.

Shared services

Low-value tasks can be managed by BPO staff. Highly specialized functions can be performed by data scientists and legal specialists as needed.

Technology support

Clients can offload support responsibility to a 24/6 help desk that provides technology help.

Continuous improvement

Periodic assessments identify changes needed to address evolving regulatory requirements, as well as industry trends.

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Experience the future of compliance risk management

Compliance challenges are difficult, and compliance risk can take on many regulations. Firms might understand the regulations and organizational standards they must meet, but applying an approach in complex situations can be challenging.

Watch the 360 video to see how advances in compliance management can help resolve the risks organizations face.

Module and integrated service

With ARCP, one size can fit all, because a la carte and modular solutions can be tailored to fit every client’s unique needs. For modular services, the global technology platform includes: analytics, robotics, case management, data management, audit services, dashboard capabilities and workflow capabilities. For functional scope of activities, our central and employee compliance capabilities cover a dozen areas, ranging from: private investments, compliance certifications, personal account dealings, gifts and entertainment, policy and rules inventory, risk assessment, talent development, surveillance and more.

Delivering active compliance

With ARCP, financial institutions can gain value and capitalize on their investment in compliance. ARCP delivers active compliance to help businesses build a flexible and agile compliance model. Learn more about ARCP.

ARCP’s tangible features and benefits include:

Integrated ecosystem

• Single, global platform integrates targeted compliance systems, executes key compliance activities
• Technology platform enhancements managed by ARCP

Holistic view of compliance

• Dashboards provide consolidated “state of compliance” view for leadership review
• Dashboard can spot areas needing improvement, escalate as needed

Advanced analytics

• A global technology platform provides the tools and techniques to conduct real-time data analysis


• Redundant tasks targeted for automation through robotics

Shared services enabled

• “Non-advisory” tasks can be executed by shared services BPO staff; with subject matter experts available on request to perform specialized tasks

Effectively right-shored

• Staff performing “non-advisory” tasks can be right-shored/offshored for additional cost savings
• Technology “Help Desk” functions managed offshore

Agile operations

• Training and process changes offloaded to ARCP
• ARCP can address required process changes due to regulatory requirements, evolving industry trends

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