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Reinventing for resilience: A CEO's guide

April 27, 2023 7-MINUTE READ


In brief

Success in an uncertain world

Figure 1: Segmenting companies based on revenue growth and profitability (2017 - 2022) reveals five performance groups.
Figure 2: Long-term profitable growth companies consistently outperform their peers in all measures of resilience over time—and emerge from crises stronger.

Long-term profitable growth: Lessons from the leaders

An industry perspective

Recommendations for CEOs

About the Authors

Muqsit Ashraf

Lead – Strategy

Jack Azagury

Group Chief Executive – Strategy & Consulting

Arjun Bedi

Lead – Diamond Client Leadership Council

Michael Brueckner

Senior Managing Director, Growth & Strategy Lead, Europe

Tomas Castagnino

Thought Leadership Principal Director – Accenture Research

Miguel G. Torreira

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy