How consumer companies can innovate to grow

Successful consumer goods, retail and travel companies are repurposing existing assets, including physical spaces, and exploring new business models.

A new wave of innovation

People have changed how they live and work, and this has accelerated demand for innovation from consumer goods, retail and travel companies.

A year spent under evolving restrictions has seen people adapt almost every facet of their lives. Working from home, changing travel patterns and a growing desire to shop locally are challenging industries to fundamentally rethink how to cater to the COVID-adapted consumer.

The latest survey of more than 9,650 people in 19 countries supports Accenture’s previous findings that many changes in behavior will likely be long-term. Now is the time for consumer-facing companies to be agile, resilient and responsive to change.

Key findings


of consumers have made at least one permanent change to their lifestyle since the outbreak of the pandemic.


would like to work from a “third space” — a location other than their home or workplace.


say convenience – such as a food and drink choices – are important, 41% struggle to access convenient options.


will either not travel at all for work or reduce their business travel by half following the pandemic.

Consumer insights

Companies that strive to fully understand their consumers and act on data-led insights can create growth.

How retailers can drive retention among their new and existing digital customers for the long term.

Why capturing the post-pandemic leisure traveler is the urgent priority for travel companies.

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Drinkworks designs, prototypes and launches the Home Bar, a new-to-the-world cocktail system, in only 18 months.

H&M Foundation accelerates sustainable fashion with Global Change Award.

Carnival Corporation connects high-touch technology and the human touch to create hyper-relevant experiences for thousands of guests at a time.

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