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Case Study

Modernizing real estate capabilities with SAP

Accenture creates a foundation for modernizing real estate capabilities with SAP® Flexible Real Estate Management


Call for change

Accenture real estate by the numbers


Offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 50 countries


Leases in Accenture’s real estate portfolio

When tech meets human ingenuity

"SAP RE-FX provides a step change in lease accounting capability through transparency, automation and predictability around lease payments."

— MELISSA BURGUM, Corporate Controller, Accenture

"SAP RE-FX simply does everything we need it to do, plus it gives us data transparency and fully integrates with all our financial systems."

— ELI LAMBERT, Managing Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms, Accenture

A valuable difference

"Having all Accenture’s corporate real estate data in one place gives our users integrated knowledge, allows them to make data-driven decisions and streamlines day-to-day operations."

— MARGARET SMITH, Senior Managing Director – Corporate Services & Sustainability and Business Operations, Accenture


Fully integrates into other SAP applications and offers security, automation of transactions, and a full audit trail from record to report

Data integrity

Provides a single source of truth for lease financials and a single definition of key data points


Teams gain transparency as everyone has access to the same data


Integrates and automates data to support accounting requirements


Achieving better alignment of lease payments to lease terms, enhancing cash liquidity


New analytical reports and dashboards provide contractual and financial information across the portfolio

Meet the team

Melissa Burgum

Corporate Controller

Margaret Smith

Senior Managing Director and Executive Director – Corporate Services & Sustainability and Business Operations

Georgina Polkinghorne

Managing Director – Real Estate, Corporate Services & Sustainability

Rachael Byrd

Managing Director – Finance, Strategy & Enablement

Melissa Summers

Managing Director – Global IT, Corporate Technology

Eli Lambert

Managing Director – Global IT, Finance Platforms

Pablo Vasconcelo

Senior Manager – Global IT, Finance Platforms

Michelle Sanderford

Senior Manager – Real Estate & Workplace Solutions

Ruth Magee

Director – SAP Real Estate Solutions
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