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myNav® just got better – realize cloud’s full value


October 26, 2021

Since we launched myNav at the end of 2019, it’s proved itself to be a really powerful platform for helping companies shape their cloud journeys. It’s a single platform that brings together all the capabilities companies need to navigate a cloud journey with more confidence. But, of course, nothing in the cloud ever stands still. And so, we’ve been continuously working to expand myNav’s features, including a broader digital transformation, in line with Accenture’s $3 billion investment in Cloud First.

The new and improved solution we’re now unveiling has enhanced capabilities in the areas we know from experience are critical to help companies realize the full potential of moving and operating their enterprise in the cloud. That includes, for example, evolving a workforce and operating model for cloud, restructuring data for cloud, and seamlessly managing the complexity of the Cloud Continuum—from public to edge and everything in between.

Ultimately, it’s about being able to use cloud strategically to realize business value well beyond just cost savings. And myNav can play a critical role in that because it helps clients navigate the technology, business and human dimensions of cloud change. It encompasses more than just the technology choices a business makes, but also what skills it needs, how people culture and operating models need to change, where companies can be differentiated in their industry, how cloud can act as a lever for innovation and growth, and its effect on sustainability.

In fact, we lead with an industry-focused lens throughout to evaluate business’ problems, always putting business needs first and leveraging our industry-specific experience across 36,000 cloud engagements and over 280 cloud patents (and patent applications).

Navigating the complexity of cloud

myNav provides a very powerful suite of end-to-end capabilities. But let’s remind ourselves why myNav is necessary in the first place. It comes down to navigating in complexity, at speed and scale. Cloud today offers an overabundance of choice. Should we go public, private, or hybrid? Multi-cloud or single vendor? Will our cloud applications be interoperable between platforms? How will the workforce and organization adapt to these changes? What about future costs and security needs?

Each of these questions has any number of valid answers. However, the profusion of options can be a mixed blessing. It brings flexibility and the ability to tailor a solution to the very particular needs of your enterprise. But it can also bring complexity and uncertainty – slowing decision-making, creating missteps and delaying the realization of cloud’s benefits.

The paradox of choice

In fact, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices offered. And with all the major cloud providers extolling the benefits of their own platforms, it can be hard for even well-informed enterprises to see the right way forward. The risk is confusion and paralysis, and digital transformation plans which are little more than guesswork. And that can stall or even derail a cloud transformation before it starts.

Indeed, despite the huge focus on cloud initiatives, nearly two-thirds of companies aren’t seeing the benefits they expected from cloud. Too many are spending a great deal of time and money on their migrations, only to find applications not operating as intended, incurring redundancies or additional costs. Furthermore, just 18% of CXOs have a clear cloud transformation vision and are implementing continuous change across their workforce and throughout their journey.

So, there’s a real need for clarity in cloud decision making. Enterprises need a systematic way to navigate the complexity of choice, avoid time-consuming trial and error, and learn from other companies’ successes and failures. That, in turn, will help build a solid business case, define the right architecture, prioritize their people, culture and organizational needs, and select the best provider for their enterprise needs that will help them gain more value, faster.

Ultimately, it’s about being able to use cloud strategically to realize business value that goes beyond just cost savings. And myNav can play an important role in helping an organization do that.

myNav—a way to get more value in the cloud, faster

Accenture myNav supports a cloud transformation from insights to action in any of these three focus areas: Migrate, Accelerate, Grow, & Innovate.

myNav is a single platform that enables selecting the optimal cloud architecture and solution for the organization and executing the transition, as well as managing and optimizing all dimensions of the cloud estate.

How does it work? Firstly, myNav simulates how various potential cloud solutions will function at scale. This capability is a real differentiator, validating that a chosen solution will be the right fit first time. It means a client gets a true end-to-end perspective on their cloud journey, including its end-state needs, without having to go through the laborious process of multiple iterations and pilots.

In fact, our experience shows that it’s possible to get a recommended cloud solution with myNav in as little as just a few weeks. And by simulating capacity needs and application performance up front, you get to tweak, refine, and resolve before a single workload is migrated. That’s a really compelling proposition for any business.

De-risking large-scale change, driving sustainable value and delivering new experiences

Accenture myNav also supports the seamless operation of the chosen cloud solution. This ability to look beyond the migration horizon and focus on accelerating organizational speed, agility, innovation, and growth, is particularly important in maximizing the value the organization gets from cloud.

For example, myNav’ s capabilities now include:

  • green cloud advisor for helping reduce carbon emissions with cloud technology and drive sustainability 
  • talent advisor for helping companies upskill their people and acquire new talent
  • change advisor for planning changes across the human, technology, industry, and business dimensions of cloud
  • An industry cloud advisor for helping build industry-specific applications in the cloud
  • growth and innovation accelerator to help companies take advantage of the vast range of new capabilities in the cloud continuum

So myNav really does now encompass the whole cloud and digital transformation journey end to end.

myNav also plays a key part in helping a company become a “cloud-first” organization. That’s because being “cloud first” is about more than choosing the right cloud solution. myNav also plays a key part in helping a company become a “cloud-first” organization. That’s because being “cloud first” is about more than choosing the right cloud solution—it extends to numerous other parts of the business, like process, innovation, sustainability, and enabling people to power business growth. In fact, myNav can help drive the cultural and operating model changes that are needed to get the most from a journey on the cloud continuum and deliver new experiences.

Overall, myNav is a proven platform to accelerate cloud all the way from business case to value realization. We’ve already seen what a difference it makes to our clients. And with the new features just launched, I’m confident it will prove even more effective in helping organizations increase their differentiation and competitiveness in the cloud.


Vishal Talwar

Lead – Cloud First, Sales, Solutions and Offerings