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Accenture + SambaNova: How generative AI delivers business value

Accenture’s partnership with SambaNova will help businesses unlock the power of generative AI without compromising security or control.


March 29, 2023

Generative AI presents a transformative opportunity for businesses of all types. Data and AI working together in a modern digital core give enterprises a competitive advantage with which to drive Total Enterprise Reinvention. Far beyond the simple chatbots and automation tools, new advances in generative AI and language-based AI have the potential to drive efficiency, unlock insights that were previously inaccessible and solve companies’ biggest business and operational challenges.

The biggest value for many companies will come from customizing or fine-tuning these models with the customer’s own data to address industry and business-specific needs, while retaining data privacy and ownership of those models. Through our new partnership with SambaNova, Accenture helps our enterprise clients scale this barrier.

Generative AI partner highlight: SambaNova

To help businesses unlock the power of generative AI with their own data, Accenture and SambaNova have teamed up. We’re working together to help enterprise and government organizations bring their own data to the foundation models, while maintaining security or control. Because, as SambaNova Co-Founder and CEO Rodrigo Liang puts it, companies “want their own private data, their own private knowledge and their secret sauce in those models.” The challenges that enterprise organizations face with generative AI is that either the models available to them do not offer the data governance needed for regulatory compliance, the models are not accurate enough for business workflows, or the models are owned by the provider instead of the customer.

Without full model ownership, organizations could be introducing a significant amount of risk for the huge rewards that this technology unlocks. This should not be the tradeoff, because organizations can have the best of both worlds. SambaNova’s goal is to make generative AI accessible to more organizations and to drive innovation in various industries. Their generative AI offerings enable customers to fine-tune models on their own data, to own and control their own AI models and to have visibility into the model weights and datasets that the model is trained on. This dramatically increases accuracy, reduces risk and enables customers to understand why a model made a prediction to better meet regulatory compliance requirements. Finally, the customers own their model, so they can export it and take it with them.

The SambaNova Suite snaps into existing workflows and applications in a secure and open way to enable rapid adoption of generative AI across the enterprise. Other AI vendors do not have these capabilities. Tuned for specific requirements for data privacy, accuracy and security thresholds, SambaNova’s generative AI platform can help companies identify the right business opportunities and implement the technology rapidly and effectively. It also makes regulatory compliance easier because the model is designed to be transparent from the start. Meanwhile, Accenture helps build these solutions into customer workflows and functions, whether that’s a contact center, document processing, a banking-specific workflow or more.

We bring expertise in AI and the technologies and processes it supports, along with unmatched industry, strategy & consulting and managed services expertise to help our clients extract the real business value of new, innovative technologies like generative AI and large language models. As a result, our clients are able to experiment by consuming foundation models “off the shelf,” and then customizing or fine-tuning them, accelerating time to value of their AI initiatives. Through our partnership with SambaNova, Accenture is helping clients overcome the hurdle of customizing complex models to solve challenges unique to their business and industry, all while maintaining security, autonomy and regulatory compliance.


Lan Guan

Chief AI Officer