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Learn new ways to learn with our Brain Hack videos

April 12, 2022

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How do you constantly innovate and do work that’s changing the world?

Never stop learning.

It’s what we do every day.

In fact, our people participate in more than 31 million training hours every year—thanks to Accenture’s $900 million annual investment in learning and professional development programs.

So, we’re sharing how to grow your learning skills with practical tips in our Brain Hack videos.

Learn to learn—and unlearn

Our brains are wired to learn—but are we always learning the best way we can, and are we retaining what we learn?

Backed by neuroscience research, our leaders and learning experts created the Brain Hack series to offer practical tips and insights that will help you learn in a way consistent with the biology of the brain and help equip you to be a lifelong learner.

From topics like “Prime your brain to learn” and “Stress less, learn more,” to “Distraction detox” and “Playable learning,” our collection of 30 short videos (about three minutes each) will help you learn more efficiently and effectively in less time.

We’ll even help you learn to “unlearn” and rebuild behaviors and knowledge with newer, better materials.

The best part?

These videos are free, and they’re available to everyone, from university students to professionals and anyone who just wants to learn how to learn the way their brain wants them to learn.

Learn, innovate and do work that’s driving real change, every day.

Join our team.

          WRITTEN BY

          Dana Alan Koch

          Learning Scientist – Utah

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