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From VR to cloud, I’m pioneering new ideas with tech

November 24, 2021

From VR to cloud, I’m pioneering new ideas with tech
From VR to cloud, I’m pioneering new ideas with tech

Solving our clients’ challenges with cloud solutions requires technical expertise.

Creating the right solutions requires creativity.

Overcoming technical hurdles requires a lot of innovative thinking. As a cloud full-stack developer, I trailblaze new solutions with the latest technologies. This kind of innovation comes naturally when you’re part of a culture of collaboration. 

From VR and AR tech to the cloud

I began my Accenture career journey as a virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) developer. I was based at our Liquid Studio in Singapore, which is an open environment where we work with a wide range of clients to bring concepts to life.

One of my favorite examples is a VR application we created for a winemaking and distribution company that gave customers their own virtual wine cellar. When they purchase bottles, they’re added to their “cellar,” along with additional info about the wine. Customers can also trigger a range of virtual experiences, such as wine tasting and a walk through the vineyard.

Working at the Liquid Studio taught me that some of our clients need tools beyond VR and AR—and my interest in cloud and container technologies was piqued. Good thing you can learn pretty much anything at Accenture.

I built my skills so I could take on cloud projects. For my first DevOps cloud project, I helped design the DevOps flow to move traditional, on-premise services to the cloud. I joined as an engineer and eventually became DevSecOps lead, and I continued to grow my career in cloud. 

Now that I’m a full-stack developer, I help design and implement DevOps processes and pipelines, so that developers can properly build microservices. I also safeguard quality by ensuring microservices are tested and approved before they are rolled out.

One recent example is the cloud-based platforms for payments and correspondences that we created for a health and public services agency. The DevOps flows that I executed enabled our client to process these transactions at scale more efficiently.

We are pioneers in our work

I love that the work I do helps clients use new technologies to uncover value. I’ve helped clients in different industries explore the benefits of Azure services, Helm, container security and more.

For one client, the challenge was to strengthen their overall security against cyberattacks. We developed a new, creative solution combining Azure Keyvault and a feature new to Kubernetes, the application’s platform, to protect their credentials from malicious users.

To come up with creative solutions, our teams do whiteboard brainstorming and design-thinking sessions. We also talk to a variety of stakeholders to get different points of view. Being open to other people’s ideas is one of the best ways to be more creative as a full stack developer.

Inspiring mentors

Being mentored by Accenture leaders gave me a lot of insight, which shaped my career decisions. I met one of my mentors at an Accenture event in the Philippines. He became part of the Cloud First Design (CFD) team in the Asia-Pacific region and I connected with him every day. He encouraged me to always have my own opinions and not let other people influence my decisions.

Now, I try to mentor others and help younger team members. I’m also involved in guiding Accenture people who are interested in pursuing career opportunities in cloud technologies or DevOps.

My advice for finding the right mentor is to seek out people whose work you admire. Connect with them online through sites like LinkedIn and attend company events to expand your network.

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          WRITTEN BY

          Melvin Eng Heok Lau

          Manager – Cloud Advisory