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From SAP to cloud: Engineering my career path at Accenture

December 13, 2021

I’ve found that having different skills in my toolbox is a big advantage in IT.

Since I entered the technology space in 2015, I’ve been focused on learning—everything from SAP to cloud.

My first job was managing an IT company’s SAP ecosystems using SAP Business Application Software Integrated Solution. I also worked with clients who used Amazon Web Services (AWS), which exposed me to cloud services for the first time.

Even then, cloud was transforming businesses and industries and creating a world of opportunities for people like me.

My opportunity finally came in 2018 when I joined Accenture and began working on multiple cloud projects. That’s when my career really took off.

Getting cloud-connected

I became part of a global project using SAP on Azure and immediately had to shift my focus to cloud. I didn’t have Microsoft Azure experience, but SAP had given me a solid background in typical server/client model architecture, web architecture, database architecture and SQL query. My past work also developed my performance-tuning and project-management skills.

The big change was my mindset. When I was developing on-premise SAP solutions, high costs and long lead times meant we had to carefully consider everything before trying something new. With cloud, quick trial and error is the norm and I soon saw its advantages.

I collaborated on an infrastructure construction project with teammates in India. At first, I was hesitant to communicate in English, but Accenture provided language-learning tools and even a program that allowed me to take one-on-one English lessons with colleagues overseas. I was able to adjust, and our global team completed its work to the client’s satisfaction.

I now work as a cloud engineer, helping bring the world’s leading companies to the cloud. I design and build cloud infrastructure to power their growth and help them adapt to their changing industries.

My new project involves migrating SAP applications to Azure. I oversee the entire process, from planning to execution, and ensure the high-quality performance of my India-based team.

Going global

Having the opportunity to work with smart and talented people around the world is one of the best things about being in Accenture. Even if we’re in different countries, my teammates and I connect virtually to brainstorm, discuss projects or just have coffee. We also have culture and diversity activities to help us feel more together.

If you want to work in a global environment, but are worried about the language barriers, Accenture is the perfect place to make your debut. I’m proof that there are Accenture people all over the world who will support you.

Keeping up with what’s new

Learning opportunities are endless at Accenture, even in our cloud projects. Aside from Microsoft Azure, we also use Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform—and our strong partnerships with these companies allow us a direct line of communication with their specialists. We also get early notice about releases of new functions.

This is a jackpot for someone like me who likes to keep my finger on the pulse of cloud technology advancements. In my previous jobs, I was stuck working on one technology. At Accenture, I’ve already added SAP on Azure and other Azure services to my toolbox.

As the cloud market continues to expand, Accenture is making cloud services an even bigger priority.  So, here’s my message to cloud professionals out there: Your knowledge and expertise are valued here. We welcome your talent, curiosity, love of learning, critical thinking, passion and grit.

And I think you’ll be amazed by the support you’ll get to be the best cloud professional you can be.

Join Accenture today.

          WRITTEN BY

          Hiroki Inui

          Specialist – Cloud Migration and Implementation, Tokyo, Japan

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