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Andre Pharand is the Global Management Consulting Lead for Accenture's Postal and Parcel Industry. In this role, he is responsible for the postal industry's thought leadership and bringing insight and change to clients. He has over 20 years in Strategy and Transformation in the postal and parcel industry and has worked with over 18 different postal operators, global integrators, last mile players and eCommerce retailers on many different business issues in the industry.

Andre provides value by helping top tier organizations improve revenue growth and profitability covering market and customer-driven initiatives, cost management and productivity initiatives and enabling strategies. He has worked with more than 15 postal, parcel and logistics companies across six continents delivering results on over 150 projects across six continents.

Andre lives with his wife and child in Miami (U.S.A).

Authored content

Delivery organisations involved in the last mile can come together to make the process more sustainable.

The last-mile supply chain could lower last-mile emissions between 17 and 26% through 2025.

Research shows parcel delivery companies must adapt for digital consumers to face revenue challenges.

Trends and opportunities in the post and parcel industry.

With the rise of e-commerce, returns have become an integral part of the digital customer experience.

Retailers are weaponizing the last mile in a bid for customer loyalty, relevance and increased sales.

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