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Oil and Gas 2030: Let there be change

abril 29, 2021


In brief

The need to change course

Where to play in the energy ecosystem of 2030+

Go deep on oil and gas

The Oil & Gas Specialist: Winners will double down on cost and operational excellence, while reducing the carbon intensity.

Introduce energy diversification

The Energy Major: Some O&G companies will broaden their focus on both hydrocarbons and electrons and place an emphasis on end customer needs.

Become a new energy and solutions provider

The Low-Carbon Leader: The third option involves making a full pivot towards a carbon neutral future.

How to win in the next decade and beyond

Getting started

Set a bold North Star

Declutter your portfolio and organization

Reset collaboration expectations

Turbocharge customer-centricity focus

Accelerate the human and technology journey

Challenges and opportunities in the oil and gas industry

About the Authors

Muqsit Ashraf

Lead – Strategy

David Elizondo


Reef Al Awwad

Senior Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

Kyle Gardner

Senior Analyst – Strategy & Consulting, Energy

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