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Public service experience
through a new lens

septiembre 27, 2022 5-minutos de lectura

Agencies don’t need to chase the digital giants

Agencies that combine digital technology and human ingenuity can deliver the fundamentals that people expect—simplicity, humanity and security.

What our research found

When and how people access service

What’s happening today when it comes to the different ways people access public services. Learn more.

Simplicity: Make it easy

Lengthy and confusing processes are people’s top complaints in describing public services. Learn more.

Humanity: Balance digital and human interaction

As digital as people may be, some still prefer human-to-human service. Learn more.

Security: Stronger practices to grow confidence

Both government customers and workers have concerns about security. Learn more.

Set your sights on 5 experience areas

How to deliver the experiences people want. Learn more.

The broad scope of services is one of the most distinguishing things about government. No other service provider does so much for so many people.

About the Authors

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Public Service

Eyal currently serves as the Accenture Global Public Sector Conversation AI Lead, focusing on chatbots, virtual agents and customer experience.

Kevin Ellenwood

Managing Director – Accenture Song, Public Service Customer Experience

Jenny Brodie

Senior Manager – Health & Public Service, Research

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