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Reinvent care delivery to solve clinical shortage

marzo 2, 2023 5-minutos de lectura


In brief

Reinventing care delivery for the future

Demand is rising: The next 10 years will see more 60–90-year-olds, the highest utilizers of healthcare services.[1] Health systems are not equipped to serve this growing population. 

Capacity is stretched: There are not enough clinicians to care for patients. An estimated 6.4 million physicians are needed to meet goals for universal health coverage across the globe. [2]

Costs are higher: Health systems have had to increase base pay, add incentives and use costly agency resources. It is impossible to sustain this downward pressure as costs are already on the rise.

The workforce is aging: The shortage of healthcare workers will worsen as more retire. Rising demand and a smaller pool of resources put affordable, equitable and high-quality access under threat.


Reinventing care delivery from the core

Accenture research estimates that 70% of healthcare worker’s tasks could be reinvented by technology augmentation or automation

Stabilize. Reposition. Reinvent.

Reinventing care delivery for better access, experiences and outcomes

Tejash Shah, MD

Managing Director – Health

Maureen O'Neal

Director – Consulting, Health Principal, North America

Ashish Goel

Senior Managing Director – Health Lead, EMEA

Dr. Travis Grant

Managing Director – Health, Client Lead, Australia and New Zealand