Catie Brown

Management Consultant

New York

"It’s really exciting to work with big-name clients and see our solutions brought to life."

How I put change in motion

As a Management Consultant and part of the Consulting Development Program (CDP), my role is to help businesses reimagine the future and enhance their current ways of working. I am trained in co-creation—the process of collaborating with stakeholders (business and consumers) to define, design and develop a product or service to ensure that the result meets the needs of the end users and is feasible and viable for the business. I’ve been able to use design-thinking methodologies along with more traditional consulting and strategy practices.

I love that my work is dynamic. We are designing solutions to today’s most challenging business problems for customers, employees and everyone in between. It’s really exciting to work with big-name clients and see our solutions brought to life. Being able to say, “Wow, I did that!” makes the long hours and hard work worth it.

I recently worked with one of the biggest sports networks in the world, where we were challenged by our CEO, Julie Sweet, to “build the world’s best virtual lab.” We developed an innovation center where the best and the brightest across all the Accenture business areas, from Strategy to Artificial Intelligence and Cloud, have come together to help us think through the best way to bring cutting-edge technology and help redefine the sports-fan experience.

We’ve not only succeeded in starting our partnership with the client on a great standing, but also in exposing them to new ways of working through digital collaboration tools and pushing them to think boldly about how they wanted to transform their business—and their fans’ lives.

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A day in my life

Here’s a peek into a “typical” day’s agenda (although there’s really no typical day):

  • Morning: Check my calendar and my analytics project team’s collaboration board to prepare for a morning stand-up meeting.
  • Daily activities: Support analytics team by designing workshops and supporting user testing. As part of our portfolio management team, sync up with all our workstreams to ensure we’re working toward completing our deliverables and brainstorming with them as needed.
  • Extra activities: As program manager of a Black employee new hire community, I sync up with the Sponsorship and Advocacy IMPACT team members periodically to discuss upcoming events and communication needs.

I’ve been able to build a community at Accenture, both on and off projects, where I’ve been able to go beyond the surface and allow people to truly get to know me (and vice versa). I’m involved with Employee Resource Group (ERG) communities and since we work on relatively small teams, we’ve all been able to get to know each other pretty well through events like “Fun Fact Fridays” or happy hours, both virtual and in-person.

I work in the One Manhattan West (1MW) office in New York, which is like a flagship office for Accenture. So many things make 1MW special: the 3D-printed designs on coffee, the robots who draw on the walls, the fun music played in the snack areas, even the rising desks and foot-cycling machines. My favorite feature is the floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor around the perimeter of the space. Working in this space allows me the freedom to think big and bold, collaborate with my team and take walks to help me think through my next best moves.

Outside of work, I take time to spend on my deep passions of equity design, connection and fashion. Each of these keep me grounded and remind me to keep people at the center, listen more and seek to understand the root of almost everything.

“Working in the 1MW space allows me the freedom to think big and bold.”

My advice

The most important skills for consultants include having a “learner” mindset, consistently thinking outside the box, having empathy and a team-first mindset and building great relationship-building skills. I continuously grow by keeping up with what’s new in the market I’m working in, learning from the creative and brilliant people I work with and asking for feedback from my teammates at all levels.

Success at Accenture—and in business in general—is all about connections. Put yourself out there to learn about topics that interest you. Build your network and connect with people you want to learn from; ask questions like, “How would you recommend that I learn about X or enhance my skills in Y?” and, “Is there anyone else you can connect me with to learn more about this topic?”

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