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Accenture is proud to be an Anita Borg Institute Pioneering Partner and 2017 Top Companies for Women Technologists Winner.

With more than 160,000 women at Accenture and a commitment to achieve a 50/50 gender balanced workforce by 2025, we want more women in our workforce and more female role models in STEM. Diversity makes us stronger.

What are you waiting for? Join us!


As part of our innovation-led team, you’ll apply the coolest technologies like AI, analytics, VR, IoT, cloud and security to improve how people work and live. And, you’ll get the training you need to jump start and grow your career.


We’re not just tooting our own horn. Fairygodboss recently ranked Accenture one of the best places for women to work. Need more? Find out why Gen Z is shifting toward wanting to work for large companies just like Accenture.


Meet three amazing women who connected with us at Grace Hopper and are now fast-tracking their careers with Accenture.

I met with Accenture at Grace Hopper after hearing positive things from a friend. My interest grew when I learned about the importance of diversity at Accenture.

Ufuoma Idi


After initially interviewing at Grace Hopper, I chose Accenture because it’s the best place for me to get the tech skills needed to advance my career.

Dana Schoppers

Test Analyst

For me, Accenture’s appeal is the variety of work and the people.

My advice for Grace Hopper attendees, “Try to plan ahead - and don’t forget to network”.

Katie Lachenmayer


Meet more of our trailblazers in technology and hear from other amazing women at Accenture about the work and life lessons they have to share. And find out how gender equality defines how we work - directly from our people.

Interested in more?

Explore Accenture’s report “Getting to Equal 2017: Closing the Gender Pay Gap” for compelling evidence on how to equalize the pay scale across genders and expedite career opportunities for women.

Read our road map for how to achieve better pay and be promoted faster based on research identifying the strategies of “fast-track women”- working women who progress in their careers significantly faster than their peers.


Tech pioneer Grace Hopper was bold, fearless and ahead of her time. These 12 amazing women capture this pioneering spirit, and we’re thrilled to have them join us in Orlando as our 2017 Accenture Grace Hopper Scholarship recipients.

After I discovered programming in my Introduction to Engineering course, I decided to study computer science. Assignments felt like fun puzzles and I loved figuring them out!

María Inés Aranguren

University of Notre Dame
Computer Science

My interest in computer science began in middle school when I attended a technology summer camp. The excitement I felt installing and configuring hard drives and using diagnostic software was the catalyst to my love of technology today!

Chinasa Okolo

Pomona College
Computer Science

Promoting diversity in the technology field, especially computer science, is something that is extremely close to my heart. At Berkeley, I am a part of CS Scholars, a group working to promote and support underrepresented minorities in computer science.

Christine Chen

University of California, Berkeley
Computer & Cognitive Sciences

As a student at a women's college, I've been able to do what all women in computer science should be able to do: not think about gender.

Calla Carter

Bryn Mawr College
Computer Science

My favorite volunteer work is with kids, especially when it comes to skills like programming, which I wish I myself had been introduced to earlier. Watching young minds learn and embrace their newfound abilities is so inspiring.

Heather Bolze

Northwestern University
Industrial Engineering

I am particularly interested in consulting and technology, having an engineering background. I enjoy problem solving and want to constantly help people solve their issues.

Marie Ozenua

Georgia Institute of Technology
Industrial Engineering

My goal is to pursue a career in User Experience Design, as I enjoy understanding people's problems and finding the best solutions using a multi-disciplinary approach. My technical, artistic and design skills help revamp websites, create useful tools and improve software.

Carrie Mah

University of Calgary
Computer Science

I think studying engineering was the best decision I've ever made as through it, I have inherited ingenuity, intuition, discipline, and an approach to solving complex problems.

Anna Ye

University of Toronto
Engineering Science

I love my major and after attending a LeaderShape Retreat in 2016, I decided I wanted to become an engineering professor and help increase the representation among female and black students in STEM.

Sierra Williams

University of Southern California
Industrial Engineering

Attending the Grace Hopper Celebration will be extremely impactful for my academic career and self-growth as a young woman in Computer Science, opening doors for me to interact with people who share similar experiences.

Emily Odartei

Rutgers University
Computer Science

I think everyone has their own piece of advice and wisdom to share. Grace Hopper provides an array of personalities to learn from, all with the goal of including more women in tech and giving them resources to succeed.

Samantha Lek

Virginia Tech

I’m a member of the Girls in EECS (Electrical Engineering Computer Science) Mentorship Program. We provide each other career guidance, help with technical questions, and we participate in bonding activities to create a welcoming community for women in computer science.

Alexa Gillman

University of Michigan
Computer Science


We had an action-packed three days designed to connect, inspire and advance the careers of women in tech at every level!


Explore what’s next in technology

Our featured innovative demos:

Can your car seat talk?

With the Connected Car Seat VR demo, attendees learned how we are using IoT, sensors, AI and analytics to create the autonomous car of tomorrow.

Beam me there!

Participants chatted live with Accenture technologists via BEAM robot to hear what it’s really like to work at Accenture.

Are you a fan?

With the Golden State Warriors, we developed a 360 VR video that showcases just one example of how Accenture is innovating around fan and guest experience as their Technology Innovation Partner.

How to Improve the In-Store Experience for Customers with Disabilities

Allison Youngdahl, an R&D Associate Principal with Accenture Labs, shared how Accenture is using new technologies to improve the grocery store experience for those with disabilities.


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