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What’s the No. 1 reason to rejoin Accenture? The people.

January 17, 2022

What’s the No. 1 reason to rejoin Accenture? The people.
What’s the No. 1 reason to rejoin Accenture? The people.

I grew my  technology career at Accenture, leaving in 2019 to pursue another opportunity.

Then I came back.

Why? Because of the people.

I spent two years working with other organizations and I realized I missed the bonhomie—the camaraderie and friendly atmosphere of Accenture—so when the opportunity to rejoin arose, I jumped at the chance without a second thought.

Career progression

I joined Accenture in 2015 as an Associate Manager specializing in Microsoft Stack. My very first assignment was a large Microsoft Dynamics CRM project with a 90-member team.

It was encouraging how leadership entrusted me, a new joiner, with this huge project. They backed me completely, setting a solid base for my career progression within the organization, which gave me and my team immense confidence.

It also was exciting to be part of an Accenture team that would many times compete and win for Microsoft Stack projects. That really says something about Accenture’s reputation as a top consulting firm, especially in technology. Our clients have faith and confidence that we provide best-in-class solutions and services.

When I left Accenture in 2019, I was leading the Microsoft Dynamics practice in Hyderabad, India and managing a team of 262 people.

After growing my Accenture career, I decided to take a chance when a new opportunity arose.

I should’ve known I’d be back.

Why I came home to Accenture

My name, Ritam, means “honest” or “divine truth,” and I am being completely honest when I say Accenture ticks all the boxes when it comes to making it irresistible to returning alumni.

Here are the best reasons to work at (and come back to) Accenture:

  • The people. I’ve always enjoyed the welcoming environment and open, friendly communication with my colleagues, mentors and leads. They care about the work they do and its impact on their clients and communities.
  • The leaders. When your leaders encourage you to make decisions and take on challenging, meaningful projects, you feel appreciated and satisfied with the work you do every day.
  • The learning opportunities. Accenture invests in not just the latest technology but also in high-impact continuous learning for its employees.
  • The culture. More importantly, people are encouraged to be their authentic selves and find the perfect-fitting role.
  • The global brand. Last but not the least is the brand value and respect that the Accenture name carries across the globe.

Ready for new challenges

When the opportunity to come back to Accenture came my way not even two years after I left, I didn’t think twice before accepting it. I know the organization; I know the people—and now I feel I am back home.

I rejoined as a Delivery Unit Lead. In my current role, I handle projects in the U.K. and Europe, and although I continue to specialize in Microsoft Dynamics, my focus is expanded beyond CRM and now includes ERP, Azure, Power Platform, artificial intelligence and some peripheral technologies, too.

These technologies use data to help automate work and bring efficiencies into client operations. My responsibilities include project execution and sales as well, bidding for and winning new projects.

I feel like the sky’s the limit with my technology career at Accenture.

A beautiful balance

I like to ensure a healthy balance between work and my other interests. Thankfully, my team and leaders respect and support me as a professional and as a person and help me maintain that balance.

Whenever possible, I try to organize a game of cricket with my team members and their families so we can connect on a more personal level. Outside work, you also might find me taking photos, playing chess, painting and traveling.

The greatest thing I’ve learned is to always treat your team members with respect and to nurture an innovative, inclusive culture. Your team will do you proud always.

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Ritam Sinha

Business & Integration Architecture Senior Manager – Bengaluru, India