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San Antonio Advanced Technology Center


Serving mission-critical needs of federal agencies

Why the Advanced Technology Center

Realize greater value

Our optimized talent mix, extensive use of automation, and proven accelerators allow federal agencies to benefit from economies of scale without sacrificing quality or performance.

Flexible surge capacity

Our flexible, blended delivery model and large, skilled talent pool enables us to meet surges in demand and eliminate the need for our clients to ramp up hiring and onboarding.

Customizable solutions and services

We offer highly customizable solutions and services that build upon our fit-for-federal delivery model, end-to-end capabilities, and agile workforce to meet agency-specific needs.

Mission-critical quality & performance

We deliver mission-critical quality and performance using rigorous, highly industrialized development and support processes supported by automation, testing, monitoring, and best practices.

Security-first mindset

We offer comprehensive physical and logical security designed for the needs of our federal government clients, including dedicated facilities and secure networks for sensitive collaboration.

Skilled workforce

We train for our career-oriented, mission-focused workforce to maintain an agile operating model that ensures quality performance, fosters innovation and minimizes attrition-related disruption.

Deep technology expertise

With centers of excellence dedicated to today’s most critical technologies, we stay at the forefront of innovation, building deep, hands-on expertise to handle virtually any requirement.

Mission-critical innovation and delivery at scale

How we work

Open innovation

We collaborate with more than 50 additional delivery centers, giving clients full access to Accenture’s technology ecosystem.

Agile training

Our new hires are Agile certified and receive continuous education through the Accenture Federal Services Agile Institute.

Workforce development

We offer targeted training and apprenticeship programs for veterans and residents from economically disadvantaged communities in San Antonio.

Inspired by purpose, built for change

Government enters the metaverse

Our annual report takes a look at the top emerging technology trends most likely to impact government over the next three years.

Extending IT to the mission's edge

Edge computing, bolstered by IoT and 5G connectivity, is transforming government operations.

Merging the real and virtual world for government

With extended reality, federal agencies can reimagine how they operate while making data more accessible and digestible.

Our leaders

Jennifer Lange

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Advanced Technology Center Lead

Ben Peavy

Managing Director – Accenture Federal Services, Chief Information Officer and San Antonio Office Lead

Atree Desai

Senior Manager – Accenture Federal Services, Talent & Community Engagement

Quincy D. Harper Sr.

Military Recruiting Lead – Accenture Federal Services


Next Gen Cyber Security

Our end-to-end cybersecurity services and skilled professionals enable federal agencies to innovate safely and build cyber resilience.

Federal IT modernization

Disruptive forces are reshaping our world, and federal agencies need new ways to meet their mission and deliver better citizen experiences.

Digital government

Meeting 21st-century challenges will require federal agencies to innovate more, deliver better citizen experiences, and operate more effectively.