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Creating the wealth management firm of tomorrow

julio 12, 2022 3-minutos de lectura


In brief

An era when change is both constant and compressed

The wealth management firm of tomorrow

Four key strategic themes shaping the European wealth management marketplace of tomorrow


of respondents expect greater industry consolidation


of respondents believe greater adoption of new technologies could significantly impact the future


of respondents agree that the shortage of talent and skills could have a significant impact on the industry


of respondents expect better organizational agility will be key to future success

Why change is important to drive growth

"We are pleased to see wealth executives identifying the key areas within their organizations that they need to transform to remain relevant with clients, particularly as the pace of intergenerational wealth transfers across Europe quickens"

— Liz Field, Chief Executive – PIMFA

How to change the wealth management business model and value metrics

1. Reset

Reset external perception of the industry through closer alignment with environmental and social trends.

2. Adopt

At firm level, adopt new frameworks and change approaches to drive growth in more agile ways.

3. Deliver

Become more data-driven by delivering against 360° value metrics.

Ian Woodhouse

Associate Director – Wealth Management, Europe

Zabeen Moser

Managing Director – Wealth Management, EMEA

Samir Gherbi

Managing Director – Wealth Management Lead, EMEA

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Short on Time

Reinventing the Wealth Management firm of tomorrow

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