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Leadership & culture

Great leadership and culture matter


The arc of modern leadership

Read how agile, responsible, connected leaders create winning cultures.

"We need to create new ways of working that reflect the changing world outside and inside our organizations, and enable us to respond to the unexpected opportunity or threat with speed and accuracy."

— Simon Hayward, Managing Director – Leadership & Culture, Lead

Enhancing C-Suite and board transformations


Leadership & culture strategy

Working with you through diagnosis and design to unlock potential and prepare your organization for the future in a hypercompetitive world.

Leadership assessment

Assessing and benchmarking future-relevant capability through analytics and psychological assessment for successful leader selection and development.

Culture activation

Using data and insights to experiment and drive behavior changes, to drive growth and build human-centric organisations which are adaptive and customer-focused.

Leadership development

Changing behavior and developing the capabilities of managers, leaders and teams to become more purposeful, connected, responsible and agile through insight, learning and experimentation.

Reinventing the way we lead and work together

By the numbers


of managers say the pandemic has changed how they think about their work and leadership.


more human potential unlocked by leaders better managing peoples’ everyday work experiences.


more likely to report 5-10% revenue growth over next 12 months when CEOs hold themselves and their teams accountable for leaving people net better off.


of CEOs say citizen trust will be critical to their competitiveness in the next five years.

Unlocking human potential through psychological safety


Psychological safety: Crack the work behavior code

Psychological safety empowers teams and builds a future-proof work culture. Ilhan Scheer explains how to get employees into the flow zone.

The Agile Leader

What we think

The CHRO as a growth executive

Focusing the power of data, tech and people to accelerate reinvention—and a new vision for growth.

Future of work research

Is work evolving in ways that energize people? Accenture research shows that people want to be supported at work and benefit from hybrid work.

From always connected to omni-connected experiences

When people enjoy omni-connected experiences and are connected to each other, their leaders and their work, they create value for the business.

Better to belong

Competitive Agility

Mindsets matter: Are your leaders on board?

Care to do better

Activating responsible leadership


Built for change: Reimagining the future of work

Workforce blog

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Managing Director – Leadership & Culture, Lead

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Managing Director – Leadership & Culture, EMEA Lead

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Managing Director – Talent & Organization

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