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You’re at the end of your interview.

The hiring manager notoriously asks: Any final questions?

Your mind goes blank.

Even if you had a great interview and feel confident that you understand the role, don’t miss this opportunity to make yourself more memorable by asking thoughtful questions.

Six best ways to close an interview:

  1. Be future-forward. Ask a question that shows you’re thinking about the future. Questions like, “How do you see this role growing in the future?” or “Where do you see this department in five years?” shows that you’re thinking long-term and are interested in what comes next for the role.

  2. Emphasize success. Show the interviewer that you’re goal-oriented and ready to contribute to the success and future of the company. Ask for a specific task you might accomplish in your first 60 days on the job, and how that could contribute to the company’s overall goals. Asking, “How will you measure my success, and how will I know that I’ve met your expectations?” also shows that you’re ready to collaborate.

  3. Test the waters. Perhaps you discussed the future of the role and career in great detail, or maybe you’re unsure how the interview went. You can get a read on the manager's expectations with a question like, “Do you feel like my qualifications measure up to what you’re looking for in a candidate?” This will also help you address any concerns they may have.

  4. Be industry aware. Show the hiring manager that you did your homework with well-informed questions about how your role and this company interface with the industry at large. You might ask a technical question such as, “With the current consumer adoption rates at X percent, where do you see this company among its competitors in the next few years?” Alternatively, asking about a current development or new product offering in the company that you recently read about can also show your interest level.

  5. Focus on culture. The reality is that you probably spend more time with your coworkers than with your family. Find out what daily life is like in the office. Ask the interviewer about their favorite and least favorite aspects of the company’s culture. Asking about something that’s important to you, such as, “Does the company participate in and encourage community service activities?” will tell you whether the company’s priorities align with yours.

  6. Seal the deal. The final question you should ask in every interview is the most important. Be bold; ask for the job. This leaves no doubt with hiring managers that you are serious and want the job. End the interview with a question that keeps the process rolling, such as, “I would really love the chance to work here. What are the next steps?”

With a little preparation and thoughtful closing questions, you’ll be ready for the next phase: the offer. Here are a few other ways you can brush up on your interview skills.

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Vidhula Kooretti

Recruiting Associate Manager, Toronto, Canada

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