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Social commerce marketing strategies in 2022 & beyond

maio 7, 2022 10-minutos de leitura

In brief

Developing the right brand strategies for a complex social commerce world

Developing an effective social commerce strategy

Choosing the right engagement model

Social media and commerce: choosing the best paths to market

Considering your target consumers

Capturing the social commerce opportunity


Apparel (CAGR: 30%)


Consumer Electronics (CAGR: 24%)


Groceries (CAGR: 16%)


Home Decor (CAGR: 25%)


Beauty and Personal Care (CAGR: 20%)


Take-Away (CAGR: 26%)


Luxury (CAGR: 21%)


Home Care (CAGR: 27%)

About the Authors

Robin Murdoch

Managing Director – Corporate Strategy, Global

Oliver Wright

Senior Managing Director – Consumer Goods & Services, Global Lead

Karen Fang Grant

Managing Director – Industry Networks & Programs, Global Research Lead

Kevin Collins

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Innovation & Offerings, Global

Laura McCracken

Managing Director – eCommerce & Payments, Global

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