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Unleashing the full potential of AI through AI hardware

novembro 21, 2022 5-minutos de leitura


In brief

"As Artificial Intelligence becomes more ubiquitous, hardware is playing a more significant role in the advancement of AI. This is a huge opportunity for the semiconductor industry, but also comes with pains that the industry needs to address."

— Shungo Saito, Director – Program Development, Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)​

Major trends driving AI evolution


While software drove the initial burst of advancements in AI, the parallelism of hardware and software development will achieve the next major AI breakthroughs.


Although the growth in AI creates tremendous demand for semiconductors and puts them in a position of power, the industry will continue to experience growing pains.


Demand for compute power far outstrips its supply and the industry’s current business model is not well suited to address this imbalance.


New devices and materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene and spintronics.


New architectures and packaging such as 3D packaging, optical interconnects, and reconfigurable computing.

Scaling AI in the supply chain to improve intelligence

"The larger the neural network, the better the results. But, at the cost of energy. We relentlessly improved energy efficiency of ML platforms and in some cases yielded orders-of-magnitude, with no signs of the slowing down."

— Yanamadala Chowdary

About the Authors

Timothy Chu

Managing Director – Strategy & Consulting, Semiconductor

Michael Kurniawan

Manager – Strategy & Consulting, Semiconductor

Jaya Shukla

Senior Manager – Industry Consulting, High Tech

Yanamadala Chowdary

Technology Strategy Business leader, ARM

Shungo Saito

Director – Program Development, Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA)​