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The human cost of healthcare system complexity

agosto 2021


In brief

Complexity doesn't help care for people

The hidden cost of healthcare system complexity

What's drawing people to the ER?


More likely to feel their insurer did not provide enough information to find a new doctor when they needed it.


More likely to feel that they are unable to use their first-choice method to find a doctor.


More likely to be disappointed about the amount of time it took to receive care.

The problem could get worse

People with low healthcare system literacy cannot correctly identify terms related to their health insurance coverage including premium, deductible, co-payment, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum.

Humanizing healthcare: From complex to simple experiences

Simplify healthcare insurance products

Take a "clean slate" approach to innovating health insurance products in ways that reflect people’s needs, not entrenched processes.

Commit to pricing transparency

Create healthcare "shopping" experiences that make cost and quality information available to help people make decisions in real time.

Work with providers to cut complexity

Collaborate with provider networks to influence people’s decision making and lead them to appropriate sites for their care.

Reimagine experiences with a human-first lens

Provide human-centered guidance, intuitive workflows and proactively present information to influence people’s behaviors.

Jean-Pierre Stephan

Health, Provider Lead

Jean-Pierre is passionate about dramatically improving the way individuals experience health and healthcare.


Loren McCaghy

Director – Consulting, Health, Consumer Engagement and Product Insight


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