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Accenture ranked #1 Industry 4.0 service provider

septiembre 2, 2022 5-minutos de lectura


In brief

What is Industry 4.0?

"Accenture ranked #1 in our HFS Top 10: Industry 4.0 study due to its expertise in capabilities addressing the entire value chain of services, including strategy, implementation, and managed services."

— Mayank Madhur, Associate Practice Leader

Accenture’s differentiated strengths

Our top 5 takeaways from the report

Artificial intelligence

Applications of artificial intelligence are on the rise in use cases like condition monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Industrial robotics

The adoption of cobots has been increasing. Service providers collaborate closely with industrial robotics manufacturers for new and emerging applications.

Digital twins

Firms have been investing heavily in digital twins, simulations, and digital threads.


Shifting focus from only cost advantages to resilience to enable “production on demand”.


Strategic focus on sustainability: Industry 4.0 adoption has encouraged organizations’ internal and external sustainability practices.

The path to value

"We support our clients by applying the latest technical innovations strategically and pragmatically, helping them to become more resilient, productive, sustainable, and relevant in a continually disrupted market."

— Sef Tuma, Accenture Industry X

Related capabilities

Digital engineering and manufacturing services

Digitize what you make. Revolutionize how you make it.

Production and operations

Creating connected factories and plants across multiple sites for enhanced management and efficiencies.

Sustainable value chain

Customers increasingly demand sustainable products and services—and a responsible approach to business practices across the entire value chain.