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Life Sciences Technology Trends 2022

agosto 09, 2022 3-minutos de lectura


In brief


Welcome to the “Metaverse Continuum”


of MedTech executives believe the metaverse will have a positive impact on their organizations.


of biopharma executives believe the metaverse will have a breakthrough or transformational impact on their organizations.

Shalu Chadha

Managing Director – Technology, Life Sciences, Global

Shalu is the global technology lead for Life Sciences, driving our industry technology assets, owning ecosystem relationships and enabling talent.

The trends

Trend 1: WebMe

Illustrates how the internet is being reimagined with the metaverse as an experience layer and Web3 as a new distributed data layer.

Trend 2: The Programmable World

Tracks how technology is being threaded through our physical environments in three layers: Connected, experiential and material.

Trend 3: The Unreal

Explores the "unreal" qualities that are becoming intrinsic to artificial intelligence, and even data, making the synthetic seem passably authentic.

Trend 4: Computing the Impossible

Highlights the new class of high performance computing power that will allow companies to tackle their grand challenges.